13 Hours with Creative Director (and New Mom) Pia Baroncini

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Pia Baroncini- ThirdLove

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In an overly filtered world, Pia Baroncini is refreshingly authentic. The LPA originative director, Everything Is the Best podcast host, and parent to babe Carmela is arsenic unfastened astir her travel to motherhood arsenic she is astir about everything other successful her life. “Sharing is thing that makes maine consciousness connected to different people,” she says. “I’ve been an unfastened publication since preschool; it’s 2nd quality to me.”

But adjacent unfastened books tin acquisition insecurity. (“My worst fearfulness is having radical look astatine my photos connected Instagram and think: Oh, Pia truly fto herself go,” she says.) Still, she gives fans a glimpse into the astir intimate chapters of her beingness with the candor that’s truthful connected marque for the glowing caller mom.

We caught up with Baroncini astatine her sunny location successful LA to speech astir boundaries, bounce-back culture, and wherefore erstwhile adjacent the best-laid plans spell awry, the lone happening you tin bash is easiness up, fto spell of the self-judgment, and—her favourite mantra of late—give yourself grace.



7:30 A.M.

There’s thing amended than getting to cuddle with Carmela for the archetypal forty-five minutes of my day. Recently, I saw idiosyncratic connected Instagram mocking women who screen their babies’ faces with emojis. I’m idiosyncratic who’s honorable astir each aspects of my life‚ but that’s my journey. My kid didn’t inquire to beryllium enactment connected the internet, truthful for me, it’s astir creating steadfast boundaries with her retired of respect.

8 A.M.

Get dressed. Button-downs person ever been my thing—especially present due to the fact that I inactive request casual entree to my boobs. I’ve besides been leaning connected a batch of dresses and comfy pieces that marque maine consciousness good. My hubby taught maine to person a nice, tightly edited wardrobe and to put successful the benignant of things you’ll person forever, truthful I effort to beryllium cognizant of that.

10 A.M.

Throughout my pregnancy, I was ace diligent astir moving retired and eating healthily. But astatine the aforesaid time, I get frightened of sharing my assemblage connected Instagram. The full “let yourself go, devour immoderate you want—you’re pregnant!” communicative bothered me. Because then, it’s arsenic if you’re expected to beryllium backmost successful signifier close aft you springiness birth. It’s insane! But I besides don’t privation to shame women who are arrogant of their postpregnancy bodies, due to the fact that that’s thing that should beryllium celebrated, too.

So close now, I’m enjoying agelong walks and mounting up a location gym truthful I tin Zoom with my trainer erstwhile a week. But I don’t privation to acceptable myself up for nonaccomplishment and consciousness atrocious erstwhile I miss what I thought would beryllium my lone accidental to enactment out, due to the fact that that’s not healthy, either. I’m learning to spell casual connected myself.



The pandemic wasn’t a immense manner accommodation for maine due to the fact that I was already moving from location and moving my businesses. I effort to prime a mates of days during the week erstwhile I tin reconvene with my squad astatine the office, but I emotion having the flexibility of being astatine home. This past twelvemonth made maine admit getting to walk much clip with family, which is thing I anticipation I tin support moving forward. It’s similar that precocious you consciousness erstwhile you get backmost from vacation, and you think, I’m ne'er going backmost to my aged ways! And past you do. What I’m learning is this is the practice: uncovering ways to instrumentality that prime clip successful your mundane beingness to support your happiness.

6:30 P.M.

Now that we person the baby, it abruptly feels arsenic if everyone wants to bent out—which I’m truthful thankful for. But I got to the constituent wherever I thought, Wow, I’m burned out. We enactment a lot, present we person a baby, and I privation to beryllium location astatine night. So the overscheduling is thing I’m trying to beryllium much mindful about, but again, it’s a enactment successful progress.

Pia Baroncini

7 P.M.

I grew up with 2 parents who took pridefulness successful cooking. It was specified a large portion of however I was raised. My husband, Davide, and I attack it the aforesaid way: I navigator the healthier meals, and if helium wants thing Italian, helium does the cooking. We emotion doing a large Sunday-night pasta. Usually, we’ll propulsion unneurotic immoderate we got from the farmers’ marketplace that day, similar zucchini oregon shrimp pomodoro with whatever’s successful season.


8(ISH) P.M.

Sometimes we’ll each instrumentality a bath unneurotic oregon conscionable get into furniture and speech and bent out. I’m 1 of those radical who support each their quality products adjacent to the bed. I’ll use a serum, fto it chill, use another, and past propulsion connected immoderate oculus cream. It’s my favourite mode to extremity the day.


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