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Faith leaders discuss plans for holy week

Members of the clergy are announcing their plans for Easter and Passover as the coronavirus pandemic puts a strain on what many consider to be the holiest week of the year.
Most faith leaders will hold virtual services to comply with social distancing.
“We are live streaming our services via Facebook. We’ve created a YouTube channel where all of our videos are then housed so folks have an opportunity to participate that way. And we’re even doing a virtual coffee hour and chat afterward,” said Reverend Rick O’Brian of Epiphany Episcopal Church.
This week the Jewish community gathered for a virtual Seder during Passover and will continue to do so for Yiskor next week.

“We’re still giving the message we’re still a collective community, we’re just not in person and we hope to be soon. But we just want people to be healthy and safe,” said Cantor Jessica Hutchings of Congregation Ner Tamid.
Las Vegas Bishop George Leo Thomas will lead Catholic worshipers via a streaming service on Easter Sunday.
“I’ve jumped in with both feet. All of our pastors are the same way. We’re not used to this. At the same time it’s a necessary change and so far it seems to be very effective. Thousands of people are tuned in to these services,” said Bishop Thomas.
International Church of Las Vegas will defy the governor’s orders and hold a drive-thru Easter Sunday service.
Christian leaders gathered at the church on Wednesday in solidarity to move  ahead with the drive-thru service.
“We need to have church on Sunday. This is Easter Sunday. This is Resurrection Sunday,” said Pastor Paul Marc Goulet.
International Church of Las Vegas is scheduled to hold its drive-thru Easter service on Sunday between 10 and 11 am.
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