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Las Vegas hotel worker shares his journey after being infected with coronavirus

Wilson Utu is 35 years old, and he just recovered from a battle with COVID-19

"I was suffering pretty bad," Utu explained.

Utu works in the hotel industry in Las Vegas, and he says that Las Vegas News could be where he was exposed to the virus.

"It was a pain very heavy and very sharp in my chest it was pretty painful," Utu said as he described his symptoms.
He says he's a fairly healthy guy, but a couple weeks before he started experiencing corona-virus symptoms he underwent a small medical procedure.

He started feeling sick around March 6, and days later he was in a hospital bed where he remained for more than 2-weeks.

"I’m just grateful and thankful I got through it," Utu reflected.

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He says doctors told him he needed to remain isolated 72 hours Press Release Distribution Services In Las Vegas after being released last week and now three weeks after he caught COVID-19 he's still not completely back to himself.

"I get shortness of breath and I get tired really fast.” He said.

Utu says his wife also contracted the virus thankfully she's been able to deal with her symptoms while quarantined at home.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've seen reports of people especially the younger generation not taking social distancing seriously tonight Wilson with this message: "They need to take this seriously it's pretty horrific nobody is immune," he said.

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