3 hospitalized after floodwaters derail freight train in southern Utah

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LUND, Utah — Three workers connected a freight bid were injured erstwhile it derailed portion crossing tracks covered with h2o successful a distant portion of confederate Utah connected Thursday night, authorities said.

The train, which had astir 100 cars, tipped connected its broadside aft derailing adjacent Lund, astir 85 miles from the Nevada border.

The 3 workers were capable to get retired of the train, climbing retired connected apical of the tilted locomotive, but were trapped determination due to the fact that of flooding, the Iron County Sheriff’s Office said.

Emergency crews had a hard clip getting to the bid owed to the upwind and floodwaters but were capable to scope the workers astatine astir 1 a.m. Friday. After immoderate time, they were taken disconnected the bid and taken to the hospital, the sheriff’s bureau said.

Two of the workers were successful bully information and the different was successful unchangeable condition.

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