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You tin admit an air-pulsing vibrator by the round, indented caput that’s made to cupful astir and enclose the outer clitoris. The stimulation caput doesn’t interaction the clitoris directly. Instead, erstwhile you crook it on, it forms an airtight seal and emits pulses of aerial and gentle vibration. That creates a sucking sensation that feels a batch similar oral sex. It feels fantastic. And it’s large for gathering arousal arsenic good arsenic carrying you crossed the decorativeness line.

Each of the air-pulsing vibrators we transportation (check retired each six retired below) is made with buttery-soft, body-safe silicone and USB-rechargeable batteries. They’re often the archetypal toys we scope for during solo enactment oregon spouse play.

The Clit-Sucking Vibrators

  1. Womanizer Womanizer Premium

    The One with Autopilot

    The Womanizer Premium is simply a instrumentality favourite successful this category. It fits nicely successful the thenar of your hand. It’s astir effortless to operate—especially if you crook it connected autopilot, which switches up the vibration patterns and strength to mimic the saltation of partnered oral sex. It’s made with “smart silence” technology, truthful it switches connected lone erstwhile successful interaction with your tegument and shuts disconnected if you request to acceptable it aside. But portion the artifact whitethorn beryllium silent, you mightiness not be—we’ve recovered it’s a accordant way to an intensely satisfying orgasm.

    Womanizer Womanizer Premium goop, $199


  2. Womanizer Premium Eco

    The One with Less Plastic

    The Womanizer Premium Eco offers each the aforesaid features that marque the Womanizer Premium truthful mind-blowing: almighty suction, quiescent motor, long-lasting battery, 12 strength levels, and 10 vibration modes. It’s conscionable made with arsenic small integrative arsenic possible. In summation to plastic-cutting plan elements (a shorter charging cable, zero-plastic packaging), the assemblage is made with Biolene, a mostly bio-based polymer. It’s besides casual to instrumentality apart, which serves 2 earth-saving purposes. First, erstwhile the rechargeable artillery isn’t doing truthful blistery anymore, you tin regenerate it without chucking retired the full device. And second, if you ever determine to discontinue the artifact entirely, you tin benignant the parts—most of them are recyclable, and immoderate are capable to beryllium industrially composted—into their respective bins.

    Womanizer Premium Eco goop, $199


  3. Smile Makers The Poet

    The One with Sensitive Controls

    What makes the Poet unsocial is however you power its varied sucking sensations: To set the intensity, you conscionable compression the instrumentality tighter successful your manus and interior unit sensors ramp up the power. When you find the mounting you similar best, you tin fastener it successful with a azygous click. You tin prime from 5 preprogrammed pulsation modes, too. It besides comes with 3 stimulator heads successful antithetic sizes truthful you tin find your cleanable fit.

    Smile Makers The Poet goop, $129


  4. LELO Sila Vibrator

    The One with a Big Mouth

    LELO’s Sila vibrator is built with a soft, extra-wide rima that’s cupped to prevarication level against the curve of your vulva. The other abstraction means broader suction: Sila engages not conscionable the clitoral caput itself but besides the full erogenous country surrounding it. We find it leads to a deeper, softer, much sensual experience. It’s besides large for radical who request a larger fit. The 8 whisper-quiet powerfulness settings commencement astatine a gentle hum—great for warming up—and physique to an aggravated pulse.

    LELO Sila Vibrator goop, $169


  5. The Ones That Also Stimulate
    Your G-Spot

  6. Womanizer Womanizer Duo

    One mode to get a blended orgasm: Combine clit-sucking sensations with interior stimulation. For that, see Womanizer’s instrumentality connected the rabbit vibrator. The cup-shaped outer caput is the air-pulsing end—the 1 that Womanizer is known for. The second, tapered caput uses a abstracted vibrating centrifugal to massage interior unit points connected the beforehand partition of the vagina, similar the G-spot. Each head’s strength tin beryllium adjusted independently of the other’s. And it’s mode easier than trying to grip 2 devices astatine once.

    Womanizer Womanizer Duo goop, $219



    The LELO Enigma is made with a constrictive mouth—you tin expect much aggravated and focused clitoral suction than the broader stimulation you get from Sila—and an interior caput that targets the G-spot. It builds sensation quickly. Insert the interior stimulation caput into your vagina first, past acceptable the rima of the outer 1 implicit the clitoris. The interior caput hits the close equilibrium betwixt steadfast and flexible, truthful it’s casual to get the positioning right, and it’s built to vibrate successful sync with the device’s clitoral suction, which feels incredible. Enigma fits comfortably successful your manus and stays enactment hugged betwixt your thighs, too.

    LELO ENIGMA goop, $189