Aces star Liz Cambage withdraws from Australian national team

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Aces All-Star halfway Liz Cambage is withdrawing from the Australian nationalist squad and volition not enactment successful the Olympics successful Tokyo, she announced Thursday nighttime via Twitter.

Cambage cited struggles with her intelligence wellness and revealed she’s been experiencing panic attacks and insomnia, and hasn’t been eating.

“Anyone that knows maine knows 1 of my dreams is winning an Olympic golden medal with the Opals. Every jock competing successful the Olympic games should beryllium astatine their intelligence and carnal peak, and astatine the moment, I’m a agelong mode from wherever I privation and request to be,” Cambage wrote. “It’s nary concealed that successful the past I’ve struggled with my intelligence wellness and precocious I’ve been precise disquieted astir heading into a ‘bubble’ Olympics.

“No friends. No fans. No enactment strategy extracurricular of my team. It’s honestly terrifying to me. Relying connected regular medicine to power my anxiousness is not the spot I privation to beryllium close now. Especially walking into contention connected the world’s biggest sporting stage.”

Cambage has been transparent astir her intelligence wellness successful the past, penning an effort successful 2019 for the Player’s Tribune astir her battles with anxiousness and depression.

She often uses her level arsenic a WNBA subordinate to advocate for the value of aforesaid emotion and intelligence health.

Cambage was the centerpiece of an Australian squad — known arsenic the Opals — that includes respective different WNBA players and figures to situation for a medal successful Tokyo.

She was reportedly progressive successful a carnal altercation this week during a backstage scrimmage against the Nigerian nationalist team. A personwith cognition of the concern said Cambage “was not the aggressor astatine all,” but the Opals were debating her aboriginal with the program.

She convened with the nationalist squad past week successful Las Vegas and missed 2 Aces games arsenic a result. The 29-year-old was a WNBA All-Star for the 4th clip this year, averaging 14.6 points and 8.9 rebounds for Las Vegas, which has the 2nd champion grounds successful the league.

Cambage didn’t play Wednesday successful the All-Star Game aft sustaining a insignificant hep wounded successful signifier with the nationalist team. But she spoke aft crippled astir the prestige of representing Australia astatine the Olympics successful Tokyo, noting that she wanted to triumph a golden medal to grant Australian hoops fable Lauren Jackson.

“To beryllium an land connected the different broadside of the satellite and inactive beryllium apical 3 successful the world, similar I don’t deliberation radical truly respect Australia the mode they should,” Cambage said. “We’re dogs down under, and I emotion representing my state much than anything.”

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