Brian Newman set for relaunch; Lady Gaga not far behind

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The instrumentalist and maestro of ceremonies who has taken the Cool Hang to the adjacent level is backmost successful August.

We talk of Brian Newman, Lady Gaga’s celebrated set leader, trumpet maestro and sometime vocalist. He and his formed of characters instrumentality “After Dark” to NoMad Library (formerly NoMad Restaurant) connected Aug. 12, 13 and 14; and again connected Aug. 19, 20 and 21.

“We are anticipating mayhem,” Newman said during a telephone chat Tuesday from his location successful Brooklyn. “Maybe not full mayhem, but immoderate mayhem.”

Naturally, the progression of questions is erstwhile Gaga volition instrumentality to the Strip. She will, we are confident. But her dates are not yet finalized. Gaga and Newman typically enactment successful partnership, arsenic his shows person antecedently been paired with Gaga’s appearances astatine Park Theater (which is about to beryllium renamed, BTW).

The lone objection to the proven Gaga-“After Dark” dual attack was Newman’s shows successful February 2020, erstwhile helium followed Cher at Park Theater. Newman’s amusement times for August are the aforesaid arsenic they person been, pre-pandemic, 11 p.m. That leaves clip for folks to marque his gigs aft the earlier Park Theater shows.

Newman opened “After Dark” successful May 2019. Gaga has shown up to the enactment respective times, singing with Ashanti one memorable nighttime and blowing the covers disconnected the books connected New Year’s Eve 2019.

That said, yet Newman and MGM Resorts officials privation “After Dark” to basal connected its own. It should, arsenic Newman brings striptease to the creation with his wife, Angie Pontani, starring a talented roster of burlesque performers. Musically, Newman is backed by seasoned musicians (dubbed The Cats) Alex Smith connected piano, Daniel Foose connected bass, Steve Koryka connected sax and Donald Barrett connected drums. Guitarist Tim Stewart, who backs Gaga (and has performed with Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Rihanna) is successful for the archetypal six shows.

Vocalists Morgan James and Jaclyn McSpadden (both of whom person sung with Postmodern Jukebox) pb what should beryllium a bid of singers dropping successful connected the show. And Newman has expanded his repertoire to see specified co-stars arsenic the operatic clown character Puddles Pity Party and Laugh Factory astatine the Tropicana headliner Murray Sawchuck.

“I’m truthful excited, due to the fact that it’s specified an grant to play successful Vegas,” says Newman, who successful April was recognized with the archetypal Las Vegas Newcomer Award by the UNLV College of Fine Arts. “We were conscionable getting going erstwhile the carpet was ripped out. We are implicit the satellite astir coming back.”

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