CEOs need to shift from tools-first to teams-first thinking to improve collaboration

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Forrester probe finds that civilization is conscionable arsenic important arsenic tools for encouraging concern and method teams to enactment together.


Research from Forrester recovered that unfastened collaboration tin boost gross and lawsuit satisfaction, though companies request to get amended astatine fostering that benignant of teamwork.

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What happens erstwhile you inquire for feedback during a meeting? If soundlessness is the lone reply, that apt means collaboration is not 1 of your company's strengths. It mightiness look similar "a bully to have" alternatively of "a must-have but caller probe contradicts that accepted wisdom.

Forrester analysts recovered successful a survey for Atlassian that unfastened collaboration improves lawsuit restitution and increases gross arsenic well. Suzie Prince, Atlassian's caput of merchandise for DevOps, said teams that collaborate good bash a amended occupation of some delivering bundle and driving concern outcomes.

"The measurement of occurrence for bundle improvement is not conscionable astir delivering things connected time, but delivering the close things connected time," she said. "Understanding the concern impacts of bundle improvement is truthful important and requires an interdepartmental approach." 

Forrester Consulting surveyed 750 IT and engineering leaders astatine enterprise-scale companies crossed a scope of industries for Atlassian and analyzed the results successful the caller report, "Unlocking The Value Of Open Collaboration To Drive Enterprise Agility."

According to the research, a enactment strategy that encourages collaboration includes these priorities:

  1. The state to stock accusation and ideas with colleagues
  2. Two-way feedback betwixt radical and their managers
  3. Opportunities to measurement successful connected decisions
  4. Strong interpersonal connections with teammates
  5. Technology that enables each of the above

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However, astir organizations aren't precise bully astatine fostering this benignant of squad work. That perfect situation is hard to find, with lone 11% of survey respondents saying they person the close operation of tools and culture. It takes the close tools and the close civilization to get radical to stock honorable feedback and marque collaboration the default mode of working. 

The probe recovered that companies request to displacement from "tool-first reasoning to team-first thinking" to lick that problem. Atlassian's planetary caput of innovation, Molly Hellerman, said leaders indispensable supply radical with the time, resources and tools to really experimentation with this caller model, and fig retired what works champion for their teams. 

"Iterating implicit clip and being unfastened to alteration is critical, but fostering unfastened collaboration volition wage dividends successful the future," she said. 

The connections betwixt leadership, feedback and collaboration

Hellerman said unfastened collaboration starts astatine the top. That means talking astir what this means successful signifier and wherefore it's important for the organization. 

"Enacting this caller exemplary tin hap successful tiny steps, for example, modeling it themselves and encouraging others to enactment much openly," she said.

The survey asked astir circumstantial actions that enactment a civilization of collaboration and recovered that lone 11% of companies are doing a bully occupation successful each of these areas:

  • Giving employees a consciousness of belonging and respect: 72%
  • Making employees consciousness similar they person a shared mission: 67%
  • Creating a civilization that prioritizes innovation astatine each levels: 62%
  • Making employees consciousness comfy sharing idiosyncratic details and issues: 59%
  • Encouraging radical to situation the presumption quo: 54%
  • Being thoughtful astir however to amended collaboration: 53%
  • Not penalizing employees for disagreeing oregon pushing backmost connected leadership: 52%
  • Being transparent with the decision-making: 45%

Hellerman said the institution encourages managers to find ways for employees to stock feedback honestly and constructively. 

"We privation to bid managers to not conscionable cod feedback, but to amusement they really privation it and are consenting to bash thing with it," she said. "I ever urge having these constructive conversations face-to-face and digging heavy to recognize what's truly down the feedback."

Asking questions and listening with an unfastened caput is simply a bully mode to start. She besides suggests discussing some information and much subjective observations.

"Managers and employees should travel up with a solution together, specify however advancement volition beryllium measured and proceed to cheque successful and refine implicit time," she said.

How the tech stack influences collaboration

Executives and managers person to pb by illustration to promote collaboration but the tools each squad uses are an important constituent arsenic well. 

Because there's nary cosmopolitan tech stack to plan, build, deploy, run and enactment integer products and services, these tools request to beryllium unfastened and integrated, according to Prince. 

"They request to beryllium unfastened truthful teams tin usage the tools of their choice, and integrated truthful collaboration doesn't travel astatine the disbursal of shipping worth fast," she said. 

Prince said developers focused connected shipping products rapidly volition follow the champion instrumentality for the job, careless of the vendor. This leads to teams utilizing a ample magnitude of tools from a assortment of vendors, and astir times these tools aren't good integrated. This creates accusation silos and inhibits collaboration. 

"Teams request to either beryllium connected connected the aforesaid platform, oregon utilizing tools that are good integrated with each other, making it casual to find what they request and enactment together," she said. 

Beyond heavy integration, teams request tools that marque it casual to collaborate alternatively than simply sharing presumption updates and gathering support processes. 

"Features that alteration automation, promote visibility and streamline processes volition foster the highest levels of collaboration," she said.

The survey recovered that lone 11% of respondents were palmy with each of these exertion components of collaboration: 

  • Linking shared workspaces wrong collaboration apps: 67%
  • Connecting enactment crossed aggregate products: 60%
  • Inviting commentary from colleagues outer to a peculiar team: 55%
  • Connecting information needed to thrust decisions and amended outcomes: 47%
  • Sharing ideas successful antithetic forms/media: 46%
  • Providing collaboration exertion that is accelerated and reliable: 45%
  • Automating manual, time-consuming work: 44%
  • Collaborating successful existent time: 42%

Prince lists the quality to link enactment crossed aggregate products arsenic the astir important point connected this list. Atlassian's 2020 DevOps Trend Survey showed that developer teams usage an mean of 10 tools to determination a task from thought to production. That doesn't number tools utilized by teams that collaborate with developers.  

"We deliberation the occupation is not the fig of tools, but the mode they're integrated," she said. "We cognize well-connected products are not lone indispensable for breaking down the silos betwixt improvement and IT, but besides enabling them to collaborate with the remainder of the business."

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