Health Tips for Coping With Extreme Heat

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U.S.|Health tips for coping with utmost heat.

The apical  priority, according to Dr. Maria Raven, is to hydrate.
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Jill Cowan

  • July 16, 2021, 10:04 a.m. ET

Dr. Maria Raven, main of exigency medicine astatine the University of California, San Francisco, offers immoderate tips for staying harmless if you are going to spell extracurricular successful the heat.

  • Give yourself clip to acclimate: Dr. Raven said it takes a week oregon 2 to get utilized to utmost heat. Increase the magnitude of clip you walk outdoors each time gradually, if you can, by astir 20 percent.

  • Go extracurricular successful the greeting oregon evening: Even a five- oregon 10-degree somesthesia driblet tin marque a large difference.

  • Know the signs of vigor exhaustion and vigor stroke: If you’ve got vigor exhaustion, you’ll beryllium sweating profusely, and you whitethorn consciousness a small nauseated. Your tegument whitethorn beryllium reddish and blistery to the touch, arsenic if you person a fever. If your assemblage approaches vigor stroke, which is terrible capable to necessitate aesculapian attention, you volition halt sweating, and your halfway somesthesia volition elevate quickly.

  • Know what to bash if you’re suffering from heat-related illness: The apical priority, Dr. Raven said, is to hydrate. Drink water. You tin besides usage crystal packs (in the groin oregon armpits) and beryllium adjacent a instrumentality if possible.

  • Don’t propulsion yourself, oregon anyone else, past comfort: “It tin beryllium a badge of grant to spell and enactment retired erstwhile it’s truly hot, but it’s not worthy it,” Dr. Raven said. That includes pupil athletes and employers. It’s important to springiness everyone who is extracurricular successful the vigor clip to remainder and portion water.

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