Las Vegas man accused of breaking into woman’s home, raping her

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A Las Vegas antheral who was acquitted of a intersexual battle complaint successful 2013 has been charged with breaking into a woman’s location and sexually assaulting her contempt a impermanent protective bid successful spot against him.

Justin Wenz, 28, was arrested July 11 successful the assault, which constabulary accidental occurred earlier that day.

A Metropolitan Police Department apprehension study for Wenz said the pistillate told constabulary she was dormant connected her sofa astatine 3:30 a.m. erstwhile Wenz came into her home. The determination of the residence was blacked retired successful the report. Police said Wenz past enactment the pistillate successful a carnivore hug, took her into a chamber and raped her.

“(The woman) stated Justin is controlling and convulsive and (she) has an progressive home unit impermanent extortion bid against him which Justin has been served and is alert of,” constabulary wrote successful the apprehension report.

Wenz is present charged with intersexual assault, artillery with intent to perpetrate intersexual assault, first-degree kidnapping and residential burglary. Police said helium denied sexually assaulting the woman, contending the enactment was consensual, but repeatedly changed his communicative astir the events of that night.

Court records amusement Wenz was accused successful 2012 of sexually assaulting a pistillate who was known to him. The pistillate told a Las Vegas justness of the bid during a 2012 proceeding that successful November of that twelvemonth Wenz bushed her up, wouldn’t fto her spell to work, past sexually assaulted her.

District Court records amusement during a 2013 assemblage proceedings Wenz was recovered blameworthy of mendacious imprisonment, coercion successful usurpation of an extended bid for protection, battle with a deadly weapon, kid neglect and artillery constituting home violence.

However, helium was acquitted of intersexual battle and artillery causing important bodily harm successful the aforesaid lawsuit and was sentenced to a twelvemonth successful jail.

Nevada Department of Corrections inmate records amusement Wenz besides served clip successful the authorities situation strategy for attempted burglary.

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