LETTER: Democrats look to create a dependent class

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We springiness bonuses successful the signifier of accrued unemployment benefits to radical who bash not work, and we springiness thing to those who worked done the pandemic. We springiness taxation credits to radical who bash not wage taxes truthful they tin person much children than they tin afford. We springiness the stateless checks, nutrient stamps and phones and let them to instrumentality implicit nationalist places specified arsenic parks truthful that radical who bash wage for them cannot adjacent usage the parks. We speech of forgiving loans and rent for those who take not to wage them, creating a greater load for those who pay.

Now the Clark County School District volition springiness kids bully grades adjacent if they bash not bash their enactment oregon fuss to behave successful school.

And the Democrats travel up with much handouts without immoderate anticipation of betterment from those receiving them. At first, I thought the Democrats had mislaid their minds by rewarding irresponsibility and atrocious behavior. Then I realized determination is simply a method to their madness. If they make a babelike population, past the radical are much easy led. All they person to bash is ballot for Democrats and each volition beryllium handed implicit to them.

Why should anyone beryllium employed, wage their bills, bash their people work, stay sober oregon signifier commencement power erstwhile they volition beryllium penalized truthful that others tin person handouts? It’s a scary aboriginal we face, and the Democrats don’t look to care.

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