LETTER: Nevada Democrats open the door for voting fraud

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Phillip Flaherty Las Vegas

July 16, 2021 - 9:00 pm

I had to re-read Steve Sebelius’s Sunday file a fewer times to spot if helium was expressing humor, farce oregon being rhetorical with his commentary astir mail-in ballots and ballot collectors by making comments specified as, “Don’t worry, a voter’s signature connected the envelope inactive has to lucifer the 1 connected file.” Sadly it seems helium was rather sincere.

First off, the exterior signature connected the ballot does not guarantee that the ballot the elector prepared was the 1 successful the envelope oregon that the ballot was not passively oregon aggressively coerced. Nor does an exterior signature connected the ballot guarantee the collector delivered it. While we tin statement if a 40 percent signature lucifer is adequate, determination is nary quality that a scanned signature tin beryllium printed connected thing and look wholly legitimate.

While I americium successful afloat favour of everyone having a close and entree to ballot — and for providing impartial assistance to those who person prohibitive circumstances and are incapable to present their ballot successful idiosyncratic — the now-adopted operation has truthful galore opportunities for fraud successful it that we person moved from protecting elector rights to making it casual to diminish the one-person, one-vote worth of legitimately formed votes.

I presumption the legislators who forced the caller voting standards connected america arsenic I would the Big Bad Wolf giving gathering proposal to the archetypal 2 of the fabled 3 small pigs. Normally, legislators walk laws tightening processes and enhancing protections. In this case, successful my sentiment they chopped the locks disconnected the ballot boxes. Perhaps 1 time we volition spot a instrumentality of statesmanship to our Legislature with a renewed absorption connected the bully of the citizens arsenic the driving unit — and portion I anticipation to unrecorded truthful agelong arsenic to spot that day, I americium not betting connected it.

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