Man arrested in 2014 sex assault in Las Vegas after DNA link

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A antheral accused of sexually assaulting, choking and robbing a pistillate successful 2014 successful Las Vegas was arrested connected a warrant past week.

Shakee Walley, 41, was returned to Las Vegas connected a warrant July 6. He’s charged with 2 counts of intersexual battle stemming from June 2014, according to tribunal records.

Walley is accused of choking and sexually assaulting a pistillate helium brought backmost to his flat to fume weed with, according to apprehension study from the Metropolitan Police Department released Wednesday.

The pistillate told constabulary she was separated from her friends erstwhile a antheral adjacent asked her if she’d similar to hold for them wrong his apartment, according to the apprehension report. She told investigators that erstwhile inside, helium sexually assaulted her twice, but she was excessively acrophobic to accidental nary aft helium strangled her.

After the assault, detectives judge Walley stole $1,000 from the woman’s purse and took a photograph of her license. She told constabulary she was acrophobic to study what happened due to the fact that helium told her, “If I person problems with this past you’ll person problems.”

In October 2018, grounds showed Walley’s DNA arsenic a lucifer for the woman’s abuser, but it remained unclear wherefore Walley was charged precisely a twelvemonth later.

Walley posted $25,000 bail and is expected to look successful tribunal again for a preliminary proceeding Aug. 11.

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