Man dies after driver hits cyclists in Arizona race

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By Felicia Fonseca The Associated Press

July 12, 2021 - 6:22 pm

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — A cyclist has died after helium was struck past month by an Arizona operator who plowed his pickup motortruck into a radical of radical participating successful a motorcycle race, authorities said Monday.

Jeremy Barrett, 58, died of his injuries Saturday, said Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesperson Bart Graves.

Barrett was well-known successful the cycling assemblage for welcoming caller riders and hosting bicyclists who were grooming successful confederate Arizona, friends said.

“He was precise selfless,” said Joey Luliano, president of the Arizona Bicycle Racing Association. “I was told that portion the paramedics were moving connected him, helium was asking however his friends were and if they were OK.”

The accused driver, Shawn Michael Chock, 36, was indicted past week connected 9 counts of aggravated battle with a deadly limb and 1 number each of fleeing an mishap and unlawful flight. He pleaded not blameworthy to the charges Monday successful Navajo County Superior Court.

Navajo County Attorney Brad Carlyon said helium is expecting much charges to beryllium filed successful the aftermath of Barrett’s death.

“Once we person received each the instrumentality enforcement reports, we volition reappraisal to find if immoderate caller charges are due to bring,” Carlyon said.

Hunter T. Lewis, an lawyer representing Chock, declined past week to remark connected the indictment and did not respond to messages Monday from The Associated Press.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is overseeing the investigation. Graves, the agency’s spokesman, said different injured cyclists person a agelong roadworthy to recovery.

Cyclists dice successful Southern Nevada

Last December, five bicyclists were killed adjacent Las Vegas erstwhile a motortruck operator rammed into a radical of 20 riders. The driver, Jordan Barson, was precocious connected methamphetamine.

He was sentenced earlier this month to service 16 to 40 years successful situation aft helium pleaded blameworthy successful April to 2 counts of DUI resulting successful death.

— The Las Vegas Review-Journal contributed to this report.

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