Matt Gaetz Needed A Lawyer In Child Sex Trafficking Case So He Hired The Firm That Represented Jeffrey Epstein

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Rep. Matt Gaetz needed a lawyer arsenic the feds are closing successful connected him for kid enactment trafficking, truthful helium hired the steadfast that represented Jeffrey Epstein.

The Tampa Bay Times reported:

With his ineligible troubles inactive looming implicit him, U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz’s run paid $25,000 past period to a instrumentality steadfast that represented convicted enactment offender Jeffrey Epstein, Mexican cause lord El Chapo and erstwhile mobsters, according to his astir caller run concern report.

In all, Gaetz’s run paid $50,000 successful ineligible expenses successful June, pushing the Florida Republican’s full run ineligible costs successful the past twelvemonth to implicit $135,000.

Nothing Says Gaetz Is Innocent Of Child Sex Trafficking Like Hiring Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyer

As Gaetz travels astir the state connected his sleaze and destruct circuit portion touting Donald Trump for Speaker of the House, 1 wonders if anybody thought to archer Gaetz that it isn’t a bully look to prosecute Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer erstwhile facing imaginable national charges for kid trafficking?

Rep. Gaetz whitethorn beryllium the dumbest imaginable transgression live who doesn’t person the past sanction of Trump.

Matt Gaetz is astir apt going to beryllium criminally charged sometime this summer. Federal prosecutors person a upland of grounds against him including documents and grounds of radical adjacent to him who are cooperating with the prosecution.,

Gaetz needed to task an representation of innocence if helium has immoderate anticipation of making retired of this investigation. Instead, helium voluntarily connected himself to Jeffrey Epstein.

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