Mike Mayock details Raiders’ offensive line overhaul

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Mike Mayock believed the Raiders needed to find a mode to get younger connected the violative enactment earlier helium ever accepted the occupation arsenic the team’s wide manager.

Two offseasons later, helium enactment his program successful action.

That’s among the topics helium discussed during a wide-ranging interrogation with his erstwhile NFL Network workfellow Lindsay Rhodes connected “The NFL Rhodes Show” podcast successful an occurrence released this week.

Mayock said 1 of his favourite talking points arsenic a tv expert was that you can’t fto an violative enactment turn aged together.

“When I took the job, that was 1 of my biggest concerns and I adjacent said it to Jon astatine the interview,” Mayock recalled. “One of the things I said was you person a prime interior violative line, but they’re increasing aged together. That means alteration volition beryllium indispensable and that’s wherever we are.”

Mayock led a large overhaul of what had been 1 of the team’s biggest strengths, trading distant Gabe Jackson, Rodney Hudson and Trent Brown this offseason.

“I cognize a batch of radical were like, ‘Wow, why’d they bash that?’” Mayock said. “But I don’t consciousness similar we took a measurement backmost and we wouldn’t person made the moves if we felt that.”

Salary headdress concerns were a driving unit down immoderate of the decisions, but Mayock insisted it was much astir the team’s assurance successful immoderate of the younger players and a tendency to get up of the curve connected immoderate imaginable diminution successful play for Hudson and Jackson, who are some connected the incorrect broadside of 30.

“At a definite point, the accomplishment acceptable is going to decline,” helium said. “It’s inevitable, particularly with violative linemen. This is wherefore determination are definite teams astir the league that I deliberation are truthful good, due to the fact that they’re accordant and erstwhile they determination connected from players they typically bash it a twelvemonth aboriginal alternatively than a twelvemonth late.”

Mayock pointed retired the trades netted the squad 3 further mid-round picks and saved $34 cardinal successful headdress abstraction this season. It besides cleared the mode for Andre James, a third-year pro the squad is precise precocious on, to measurement into the lineup. The Raiders besides consciousness assured successful the radical of Richie Incognito, Denzelle Good and John Simpson to grip the 2 defender positions with established stalwart Kolton Miller astatine near tackle and first-round prime Alex Leatherwood connected the close side.

Leatherwood volition play the spot that was antecedently occupied by Brown. Mayock said the determination to determination connected from him and his monolithic declaration was antithetic than the concern with Hudson and Jackson.

“When steadfast and available, he’s a ascendant close tackle,” Mayock said. “But helium was not steadfast and disposable to america precise often successful 2 years and helium was making $14 million.”

“Now we tin spell motion Yannick Ngakoue connected the antiaircraft broadside of the shot wherever we truly request help,” helium said.

Mayock insists he’s optimistic astir however bully the violative enactment tin beryllium contempt the comparative deficiency of experience, though he’s realistic capable to cognize his decisions volition beryllium judged based connected wins and losses.

“You tin knock each you want, and I’m talking astir the satellite successful general, but I can’t archer you however excited I americium to ticker our caller radical play adjacent year,” helium said. “We’re committed to what we’re doing and we judge successful them.

“We truly judge we got younger, we got much diversion and we saved a clump of money.”

They’ll beryllium enactment to the trial aboriginal with matchups against Baltimore and Pittsburgh successful the archetypal 2 weeks of the regular season.

Other topics discussed by Mayock connected the podcast included:

-On his perceived ‘reaches’ successful the draft: “At the extremity of the day, it comes backmost to yet being judged by wins and losses. A mates years down the road, radical volition look backmost and accidental Mayock sucked oregon helium didn’t and that’s OK. We person to judge successful our committee conscionable similar each different squad has to judge successful theirs.”

-On the defense: “We person to get truthful overmuch better. I cognize it, Jon knows it. We each cognize it. We’ve got to decorativeness games. I’m excited to spot whether oregon not we tin make a walk unreserved due to the fact that we person not been disruptive connected defense, we don’t instrumentality the shot away. We don’t hurry the quarterback. We person a batch of things we person to get amended astatine and we’re precise realistic astir that. More than anything, I privation to spot if we tin beryllium disruptive connected defence and that’s going to beryllium 1 of our goals.”

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