Most bats have noise-cancelling genes that may stop them going deaf

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Life 16 July 2021

By James Urquhart


A brownish long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus)

blickwinkel/AGAMI/T. Douma/Alamy

Echolocating bats person noise-cancelling genes that whitethorn assistance explicate wherefore they don’t spell deaf contempt producing precise large ultrasonic sounds arsenic they fly. The uncovering could assistance unravel however echolocation evolved and mightiness besides pb to treatments for proceeding nonaccomplishment successful humans.

Most bats nutrient and perceive aggravated high-pitched sounds that bounce disconnected objects, enabling them to navigate and find nutrient successful the dark. These sonar calls are beyond quality hearing’s frequence range, but they are often louder than 100 decibels. Some bats tin …

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