Rafter dies after flash flood inside Grand Canyon

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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — One idiosyncratic who went missing from a Colorado River rafting travel successful the Grand Canyon during a flash flood was recovered dormant Thursday successful frigid h2o portion a 2nd idiosyncratic was recovered alive, a parkland spokeswoman said.

The flood was portion of monsoon storms that person inundated Arizona this week, including successful Flagstaff wherever metropolis streets were near a muddy messiness arsenic h2o mixed with logs and debris swept through. Cleanup was underway Thursday with the menace of much rainfall looming.

At the Grand Canyon, a torrent of h2o rushed done a slot canyon and washed distant the campy wherever 2 commercialized rafts with 30 passengers pulled disconnected the stream to enactment Wednesday evening, said Grand Canyon spokeswoman Joelle Baird.

Authorities initially believed that 2 radical had been swept into the stream and launched a hunt by air, crushed and h2o to find them. One was recovered astatine the campy that the radical had abandoned to question a safer spot to sleep, Baird said. The different was recovered dormant successful the h2o adjacent to the campy that flooded, she said.

Park officials person not released the rafters’ identities. Baird declined to merchandise the rafting company’s name, saying the parkland has a argumentation not to retired of respect for commercialized usage licence holders.

A parkland chopper took 2 paramedics to the stream precocious Wednesday to dainty and stabilize the injured rafters aft receiving a outer telephone telephone from idiosyncratic connected the travel asking for help. Several passengers who were injured were airlifted retired of the canyon, Baird said. She wasn’t definite of the grade of their injuries.

Baird said the parkland volition assistance the different rafters who privation to chopped their travel abbreviated get disconnected the river, she said.

The flood deed the campy acceptable up astir 40 miles downstream from wherever the rafts launched astatine Lees Ferry adjacent the Arizona-Utah authorities line. Forecasters had issued a flash flood ticker for the country Wednesday, but it’s not wide whether the rafting guides were aware.

Radar showed astir an inch of rainfall on that agelong of the Colorado River, according to the National Weather Service.

The full Southwest, which has been hopeless for rainfall aft 2 years of dismal monsoon activity, has been hammered lately with storms. More rainfall is successful the forecast.

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