Raiders, Las Vegas pass on bidding to host NFL combine

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Though the NFL scouting harvester is acceptable to permission Indianapolis and beryllium staged successful antithetic cities, the Raiders and the area’s tourism bureau aren’t funny successful bringing the lawsuit to Southern Nevada.

Raiders President Marc Badain said that portion the harvester is an accidental for teams to scout aboriginal prospects, it’s not a large gully for visitors. Concerts oregon different one-off sporting events that could beryllium held astatine Allegiant Stadium would apt gully much tourists to Las Vegas.

“There are astir apt markets that are amended served for that clip of twelvemonth for the duration of the lawsuit and it truly didn’t marque consciousness for america to enactment a bid successful if it wasn’t going to lucifer what we wanted to bring to Las Vegas,” Badain said.

The harvester has been held successful Indianapolis since 1987 but volition beryllium held successful a caller metropolis aft adjacent year’s event. The NFL announced past period that it would unfastened bidding to teams to big the harvester starting with the 2023 lawsuit successful an effort to turn its marquee events with caller markets.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO Steve Hill, who is besides president of the Las Vegas Stadium Authority, discussed the anticipation of bidding to big the harvester with Badain, which yet led them to determine they would pass.

“The events we spell aft are intended to capable large venues,” Hill said. “The harvester surely draws radical to Indianapolis, but it doesn’t gully them astatine the standard that would prosecute the LVCVA connected that.”

The NFL besides awards different events similar the Super Bowl, the NFL Draft and Pro Bowl done a bidding process. Las Vegas and the Raiders are acceptable to big 2 of those marquee events adjacent twelvemonth — the draught and the Pro Bowl — with hopes that the Super Bowl is the adjacent domino to autumn successful Southern Nevada’s direction.

The 2024 Super Bowl is up for bidding and the Raiders and the LVCVA person submitted a bid for Las Vegas.

“We’ve provided the accusation that they asked for and we proceed to enactment with them and we haven’t had a (NFL) gathering since May, truthful I don’t truly person an update from there,” Badain said. “The adjacent gathering is successful October, truthful that’s astir apt the adjacent clip we’ll get an update.”

Hill said helium gets the consciousness that the big metropolis for the 2024 Super Bowl volition beryllium announced earlier the extremity of the year.

“We’re getting beauteous adjacent to ‘24, truthful the NFL has owners’ meetings successful some October and December and hopefully we’ll perceive thing by the clip we get to 1 of those meetings,” Hill said.

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