Rogue star's fury as Djokovic saga explodes

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US tennis prima Tennys Sandgren has lashed Australian officials implicit its handling of Novak Djokovic's introduction into the country, saying the federation doesn't merit to big a Grand Slam implicit the attraction of the world's highest ranked men's player.

As quality filtered astir the satellite of Djokovic's visa woes which could effect successful his deportation, the satellite No.1's predicament has sparked fierce statement astatine location and overseas.

American satellite No.96 Sandgren has been forced to skip the Australian Open due to the fact that of his vaccination presumption and has been vocal astir defending the unvaccinated. The arguable subordinate took purpose astatine Australian politicians and adjacent declared Australia should not beryllium afforded the close to big a Grand Slam.

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No ‘special favour’ fixed to Djokovic: Tiley

Sandgren besides poked amusive astatine comments made by Victoria's Acting Sports and Major Events Minister Jaala Pulford.

"The Federal Government has asked if we volition enactment Novak Djokovic's visa exertion to participate Australia," she said.

"We volition not beryllium providing Novak Djokovic with idiosyncratic visa exertion enactment to enactment successful the 2022 Australian Open Grand Slam.

"We've ever been wide connected 2 points: visa approvals are a substance for the Federal Government, and aesculapian exemptions a substance for doctors."

Tennys Sandgren. (AP)

In response, Sandgren tweeted: "LOL trusting the subject erstwhile again."

Sandgren made headlines past twelvemonth for mocking quarantine requirements to vie successful the 2020 Australian Open.

He was forced to walk 2 weeks successful edifice isolation and labelled the concern a "joke", 2 weeks aft helium called Australian Open brag Craig Tiley "a wizard" for organising an exemption for him to alert from Los Angeles to Melbourne contempt investigating affirmative for COVID-19.

During the pb up to the 2020 Australian Open, Djokovic showed enactment for Sandgren and different players confined to quarantine, portion playing successful Adelaide, expressing sympathy for those experiencing hardship.

"These guys and girls volition decidedly person a disadvantage," Djokovic said astatine the time

Outrage astatine Novak Djokovic being allowed to play successful Australian Open

"They've done their champion to bash immoderate grooming successful their rooms, but there's not overmuch question — they couldn't deed the ball."

However, Sandgren didn't conscionable the requirements for the 2021 tourney and didn't use for an exemption similar Djokovic. The American accepted his unvaccinated presumption wouldn't let him to compete.

Sandgren has performed handily astatine Melbourne Park successful caller years, with his champion performances successful Grand Slam tournaments coming Down Under, making the quarter-finals successful 2018 and 2020.

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