Sea cucumber has modified genes to help it live on hydrothermal vents

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Life 11 October 2021

A oversea  cucumber, Chiridota heheva

A oversea cucumber (Chiridota heheva)


A oversea cucumber that lives successful utmost deep-sea environments has had its genome sequenced. This revealed that galore of its genes person been altered, perchance by the intense places it calls home.

Chiridota heheva is simply a oversea cucumber, a worm-like carnal successful the echinoderm radical that besides includes starfish. First described successful 2004, it is 1 of the lone echinoderms that lives successful 3 of the astir utmost water locations: hydrothermal vents, acold seeps affluent successful carbon-based chemicals similar methane, and “whale falls” – the sunken corpses …

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