The Best Clean Lubes and Intimate Body Oils

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Adding lubricants and oils to intersexual play tin bash 2 things: Make it comfortable, and marque it adjacent much pleasurable.

But harsh ingredients commonly recovered successful lubricants tin origin irritation and perchance longer-term wellness effects, which is not truthful comfy oregon pleasurable. The vulva, clitoris, and vagina are highly permeable. Ideally you privation to usage lubes and oils made without parabens, phthalates, oregon different endocrine disruptors.

All the lubes and oils present conscionable our clean, harmless constituent standards. They service antithetic purposes, from lubrication (with oregon without enactment toys and condoms) to assemblage massage to vulva hairsbreadth and tegument care. And they service them precise well. They are each an implicit pleasance to use.

Condom-Friendly and Toy-Safe Lubes
and Sex Serums

Water- and aloe-based lubricants and enactment serums brace good with condoms (latex and polyisoprene) and enactment toys of each types (yup, the silicone ones, too). And they are rather satisfying connected their own.

  1. Playful Serum

    Made with aloe, chamomile, ginseng, horny goat weed, and hemp effect extracts, Whet is simply a light, water-based enactment serum infused with arousing ingredients that springiness gaffe without the stickiness. You request conscionable a fewer pumps for nevertheless you privation to play.

    Personal Fav Whet

    Personal Fav Whet Plant-Based
    Sex Serum
    goop, $24


  2. No-Mess Lube

    The H2Oh! pods incorporate a water-based lubricant made with an integrated chia effect extract that’s hydrating and glides connected smoothly with nary sticky residue. You tin dispense lube from the pods manually, but this six-pod refill battalion is champion utilized with the Pulse Warmer.

    PULSE H2Oh! Personal Lubricant (6 Pack Refill)

    Pulse H2Oh! Personal Lubricant
    (6 Pack Refill)
    goop, $30


  3. Touchless Warmer

    The Pulse Warmer mildly heats your lube for added sensual pleasure. It’s designed to brace with Pulse pods, similar the H2Oh! Personal Lubricant and Spoil Me Massage Oil Pulse Pods. Pop 1 of the pods into the warmer and it touchlessly delivers a dollop of lukewarm lubricant. No slippery lube bottles to fumble around with.

    Pulse Pulse Warmer

    Pulse Pulse Warmer goop, $199


  4. Soothing Lube

    This aloe-based lube contains vitamin E and extracts of hibiscus, greenish tea, and sunflower seed. It’s formulated to lucifer the vagina’s earthy lubrication. It’s soothing and casual to cleanable up.

    Sliquid Organics Natural 4.2 oz

    Sliquid Organics Natural 4.2 oz goop, $15


Body and Massage Oils

Stimulating assemblage and massage oils are large for arousing intersexual pleasance and sensual play and tin beryllium enjoyed with oregon without a partner. (Worth noting erstwhile more: Oil-based products don’t enactment with condoms and enactment toys. For that, you privation to usage water- oregon aloe-based products.)

  1. Warm It Up

    If you’re looking to vigor things up a bit, Spoil Me Massage Oil is the silky-smooth lipid that pairs with the Pulse Warmer. This plant-based lipid blend—safflower, sunflower, grape-seed, and jojoba—has conscionable the close magnitude of moisture truthful it doesn’t soak into the tegument excessively fast.

    PULSE Spoil Me Massage Oil Pulse Pod

    Pulse Spoil Me Massage Oil Pulse Pod goop, $30


  2. Invigorating

    Aphrodisiac Body Oil encourages playful sensuality with yourself oregon a partner. A blend of English lavender, patchouli, and roseate geranium makes for a soothing yet invigorating lipid that helps awaken your assemblage and senses. Sprinkle drops each implicit the assemblage and hitch it successful for the afloat experience.

    Flamingo Estate Aphrodisiac Body Oil

    Flamingo Estate Aphrodisiac Body Oil goop, $52


  3. Sensual Massage

    Province Apothecary Lover’s Oil’s delicate premix of bergamot, clary sage, ylang-ylang, rose, and jasmine adds a sensual code to immoderate massage. Its blend of coconut oil, sunflower-seed oil, and vitamin E is hydrating, smells amazing, and lends a silky prime to each touch.

    Province Apothecary Lover's Oil

    Province Apothecary Lover’s Oil goop, $32


  4. Sex Oil

    Made with coconut and sunflower-seed oils, this luxurious chamber lipid has capable gaffe to beryllium utilized each implicit the body. It’s infused with vitamin E, evening primrose oil, and rosemary leafage extract.

    Province Apothecary Sex Oil

    Province Apothecary Sex Oil goop, $28


Vulva—Skin and

Oils that delicately nurture your vulva’s tegument and hair, whether you’re wholly waxed oregon afloat grown out.

  1. Hair Care

    Growing it out? Bush Oil is formulated with 15 oils to nurture the hairsbreadth connected your vulva and bikini line. And its indispensable lipid blend of lavender, neroli, helichrysum, and ylang-ylang gives it a sensual aroma. Add drops of the lipid straight to your vulva to nurture and soften hair, and you tin usage it connected your legs and underarms, too.

    True Botanicals Bush Oil

    True Botanicals Bush Oil goop, $38


  2. For the Postshave-Bump-Prone

    Fur Oil is made to soothe tegument and bounds ingrown hairs. It includes grape-seed, jojoba, clary sage, and beverage histrion oils. It’s lightweight and nourishes hairsbreadth follicles, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t permission a residue. Use it connected your vulva, bikini line, oregon anyplace you wax oregon shave hairsbreadth (underarms, legs, face, etc.).

    Fur Fur Oil

    Fur Fur Oil goop, $46


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