WNBA All-Star Game over-under total moves 55 points

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Las Vegas sportsbooks don’t ever nail the line.

The over-under full connected the WNBA All-Star Game moved 55 points Wednesday astatine 1 publication earlier the crippled tipped disconnected astatine Michelob Ultra Arena.

Circa Sports was the archetypal publication to station the total, which opened astatine 248½ earlier plummeting to 195½ arsenic bettors pounded the under.

“60 points disconnected connected the full but I nailed the side,” Circa sportsbook manager Matthew Metcalf joked connected Twitter.

Metcalf said helium simply made a atrocious fig that was based connected the past 3 WNBA All-Star Games. The astir caller showcase, successful 2019, totaled 255 points.

He didn’t instrumentality into relationship the information that the matchup of the U.S. Olympic women’s hoops squad and WNBA All-Stars — immoderate of whom mightiness person felt snubbed by Team USA — was expected to beryllium overmuch much competitory than a accepted All-Star Game.

“I didn’t halt to see the situation,” Metcalf said. “I conscionable wanted a fig connected the board, but was successful a hurry and took a lazy approach. Though adjacent if I realized the concern and that the teams were going to play defense, I would ne'er person opened little than 210 probably.

“So, either way, I was going to marque a atrocious number. Maybe conscionable not a historically atrocious 1 similar I did had I work a little.”

The different books followed Circa’s pb and posted akin totals. The Westgate opened it astatine 251½, and it dropped to 196½, portion the full was slashed from 248 to 197½ astatine William Hill.

“Whoever enactment it up archetypal made a accepted All-Star Game total, and everyone went with it, including us,” Westgate vice president of hazard Jeff Sherman said. “The comic happening is radical spot it moved implicit 50 points, truthful they deliberation we’re wholly buried to it. But it was assertive moves arsenic the marketplace was moving, and determination weren’t truly bets coming in. It truly wasn’t a large determination for us.

“We had a small spot of wealth travel successful connected the under, but we got much implicit wealth successful the 190s scope than higher up. I’m definite immoderate radical stake it backmost due to the fact that determination was specified an tremendous mediate opportunity.”

BetMGM and William Hill reported a minimal magnitude of wagers connected the total. In fact, MGM Resorts manager of trading Jeff Stoneback said the publication took lone 1 nether bet, for $500 nether 237½.

Circa was taking $2,000 limits connected the total, and Metcalf said it was a decent-sized decision.

“For a WNBA total, it’s big,” helium said. “It’s not similar an insane amount, though.”

Team USA, successful its archetypal accumulation crippled earlier the Tokyo Games, trailed 44-43 astatine halftime arsenic the crippled was pacing nether by a wide margin.

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