Allegiant Stadium room tax revenue up but trails pre-pandemic levels

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With Las Vegas’ tourism measurement inching person to pre-pandemic numbers, the wealth generated by a country taxation to wage for Allegiant Stadium bonds is steadily increasing.

In May, the latest period available, the 0.88 percent country taxation connected Clark County edifice rooms generated $3.1 million, up 1,862 percent implicit May 2020’s full of $157,454, according to Las Vegas Stadium Authority data. For a amended comparison, this May’s fig is inactive down 34 percent from May 2019’s $4.7 cardinal generated.

April besides saw an uptick successful country taxation gross with $2.5 cardinal generated, down from the $4.7 cardinal generated successful April 2019.

Las Vegas afloat reopened June 1 without immoderate coronavirus restrictions successful place, which should bode good for visitant measurement and country taxation gross procreation erstwhile past month’s figures are made available.

With visitation lagging for implicit a year, Clark County doubly had to dip into a indebtedness reserve relationship acceptable up successful the lawsuit determination was a shortfall successful funds needed to marque regular enslaved payments, which are owed doubly a year, erstwhile connected June 1 and again connected Dec. 1.

As a result, the region utilized $23.3 cardinal from the reserve money to marque the combined $34.7 cardinal enslaved payments successful December 2020 and successful June.

The indebtedness reserve money was created to screen 2 afloat years of enslaved payments — $90.2 cardinal — if determination was a shortage successful country taxation revenue, arsenic determination has been recently. As of June, $54.6 cardinal remains successful the reserve fund, oregon 60 percent of the two-year sum goal.

Funds for the indebtedness reserve are derived from country taxation gross aft the yearly indebtedness work connected the bonds is paid. Up to $9 cardinal tin beryllium deposited into the reserve each twelvemonth until the two-year headdress is met.

Jeremy Ageuro, main with Applied Analysis, who serves arsenic unit for the Stadium Authority, said successful June that helium doesn’t expect having to utilize the indebtedness reserve relationship to marque December’s scheduled enslaved payment.

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