As ill-advised as it may be, Netflix is inviting you to cook with Paris Hilton

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(CNN)Paris Hilton and Netflix are getting into the room unneurotic and hoping the effect is, well, so hot.

Neither party, however, are nether the delusion that the forthcoming show, "Cooking with Paris," volition showcase gourmet grub. In fact, they're seemingly counting connected it being a small spot of a can't-look-away catastrophe -- not dissimilar her viral cooking video from January 2020.

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Described by Netflix arsenic "the accepted cooking amusement upside down," "Cooking with Paris" volition person the heiress showing disconnected her "very recently domesticated broadside and welcoming america into her room portion she learns to sauté, sear and zest."

    "She's not a trained cook and she's not trying to be," a property merchandise says. "With the assistance of her personage friends, she navigates caller ingredients, caller recipes and exotic room appliances. Inspired by her viral YouTube video, Paris volition instrumentality america from the market store to the finished array dispersed - and she mightiness really larn her mode astir the kitchen."

      The six-episode archetypal play premieres August 4.

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