Athletes Face Twice the Odds for A-Fib

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By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, July 13, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Athletes person a overmuch higher hazard of the heart bushed upset atrial fibrillation than non-athletes, and younger athletes person a higher hazard than older athletes, according to a caller study from Britain.

Atrial fibrillation (a-fib) is an irregular, often accelerated heart rate that tin impede humor flow. A-fib tin summation the hazard of stroke, heart failure and different heart-related problems.

For the study, researchers analyzed 13 studies published betwixt 1990 and December 2020. There were much than 70,000 participants, including much than 6,800 athletes and much than 63,000 non-athletes.

Overall, athletes had astir a 2.5 times higher hazard of a-fib than non-athletes. But erstwhile the researchers focused connected participants without heart disease hazard factors (such arsenic type 2 diabetes and high humor pressure), they recovered that athletes had astir 4 times the hazard of a-fib compared to non-athletes.

The findings were published July 12 successful the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

"Athletes person a importantly greater likelihood of processing atrial fibrillation compared with non-athlete controls," Jamie O'Driscoll, of the School of Psychology and Life Sciences astatine Canterbury Christ Church University successful England, and colleagues reported.

"Younger aged athletes person a greater comparative hazard of atrial fibrillation compared with older athletes; however, exercise dose parameters, including grooming and contention history, arsenic good arsenic imaginable sex differences for the hazard of atrial fibrillation requires aboriginal research," the authors concluded successful a diary quality release.

The investigation besides showed that athletes younger than 55 had astir a 4 times higher hazard of a-fib than those 55 and older. Those older athletes were 76% much apt to person the information than non-athletes.

Athletes progressive successful sports specified arsenic shot (soccer), rugby oregon netball, which is akin to basketball, had a higher hazard of a-fib than those successful endurance sports specified arsenic Nordic skiing, orienteering (the athletics of navigation, often held successful unfamiliar terrain) oregon rowing, according to the report.

Previous probe has shown that carnal enactment tin amended bosom wellness and is associated with a little hazard of unwellness and death. But studies person besides suggested determination is simply a constituent astatine which expanding levels of workout are associated with bosom issues, including a-fib.

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The U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has much connected a-fib.

SOURCE: British Journal of Sports Medicine, quality release, July 12, 2021

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