Choosing the Right Hairbrush for Shiny, Healthy Hair

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The close brushwood tin marque a immense quality successful however your hairsbreadth looks and feels, says LA hairstylist and originative manager of Virtue Labs Adir Abergel (he’s besides 1 of GP’s favourite stylists). “Figure retired what results you’re looking for, past enlist a brush—along with hairsbreadth serum, of course—to assistance you get there,” helium says.

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  2. Different kinds of bristles and adjacent antithetic brushwood shapes change a brush’s effect connected your hair. For instance, a wide signifier is amended for smoothing and defrizzing, portion nylon bristles with shot ends are champion for detangling (and springiness the champion scalp massage). Whether you’re looking to boost shine, conjure a sleek blowout, detangle chaotic curls, oregon springiness good hairsbreadth immoderate assemblage and a spot of playful bend, Abergel’s tips marque it easy.

  1. 1

    To Straighten and Add Shine:Paddle Brush


    A ace dense operation of nylon and boar bristles

    What it does:

    “The wide signifier is large for smoothing hairsbreadth flat, removing measurement and giving a strong, consecutive decorativeness connected the ends,” says Abergel. “Paddle brushes are designed with bristles emerging from a brushed cushion, truthful they conform to your scalp arsenic you glide the brushwood done your hair, making them cleanable for sleek blowouts. The operation of nylon and boar bristles helps defrizz and creaseless the cuticle: The boar bristles redistribute the scalp oil, portion the nylon pins assistance detangle.”

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  1. 2

    To Boost Volume and Bounce:Round Brush


    Twelve rows of curved boar bristles

    What it does:

    “If you deficiency volume, a circular brushwood creates assemblage and bounce, giving the illusion of much hair,” Abergel says. “The signifier builds assistance astatine the scalp and creates the cleanable decorativeness connected the ends. A boar-bristle brushwood is my favourite due to the fact that it creates the close hostility and flattens the cuticle to springiness you the maximum magnitude of shine.”

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  1. 3

    To Detangle and Stimulate the Scalp:Detangling Brush


    Wooden pins

    What it does:

    “A detangling brushwood is important for everyone due to the fact that it helps forestall damage,” helium says. “It’s large for stimulating the scalp and mildly detangling hair.” Here, the beechwood grip makes for an easier grip, and the spaced-out woody pins and brushed rubber cushion support the scalp from getting scratched.

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    Crown Affair The Brush No. 002 goop, $62


  1. 4

    To Create a Smooth Finish and Gleam:Finishing Brush


    Boar bristles and nylon tufts

    What it does:

    “This is the cleanable finishing brush,” says Abergel. “The operation of boar and nylon helps with grip and radiance and distributes oils passim the hairsbreadth to make polish. If you privation that benignant of red-carpet, old-Hollywood hairstyle, curl your hairsbreadth first, past brushwood retired the curls for a smooth, glossy look.”

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Extra Credit:

Scalp-Massage Comb

  1. Use this gorgeous hand-cut jade comb for an invigorating gua sha massage for your scalp. Based connected the past Chinese therapy of gua sha—which involves smoothing a sculpted massage instrumentality implicit the look oregon body—a massage with this comb feels perfectly unthinkable (especially aft utilizing the Cold Processed Scalp Detox tonic). Invigorating for the scalp and relaxing for the spirit, it’s our caller favourite regular ritual.

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    Sha Comb
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