Chuck Schumer To Meet With Texas Democrats To Plot Strategy To Pass Voting Rights Bill

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) volition beryllium gathering with the Texas Democrats who near Texas to crippled a strategy connected passing a voting rights bill.

According to CNN’s Ali Zaslav:

Schumer says helium plans to conscionable with Texas Democrats astatine the US Capitol contiguous “to crippled retired strategy and to praise them for what they are doing,” aft the lawmakers near the authorities Monday successful an effort to artifact GOP from passing restrictive caller voting laws

— Ali Zaslav (@alizaslav) July 13, 2021

The Texas Democrats Have Bought Democrats In Congress Some Time

The Texas Democrats accidental that they tin clasp disconnected the Texas elector suppression measure for weeks, truthful it is up to Democrats successful Congress to usage that clip wisely to get national authorities passed.

It would beryllium bully if Schumer could drawback his fingers and get his measure done the Senate, but with Democrats holding the slimmest of majorities successful the Senate, and Sen. Manchin opposing the House mentation of the For The People Act and gutting the filibuster, it is going to instrumentality immoderate nuance to get the measure through.

The enactment that inactive makes the astir consciousness is for Democrats to see Manchin’s For The People Act compromise into the infrastructure reconciliation bill. 

The voting rights successful the infrastructure program remains the astir viable. Democrats won’t beryllium capable to get 60 stand-alone votes for a voting rights bill, but they tin get 50 for the infrastructure reconciliation plan.

The information that Schumer is strategizing with Texas Democrats is different measurement that reveals Democratic coordination astatine each levels of authorities to support voting rights.

Getting determination could beryllium messy, but steps are being taken to support voting rights from the Republican onslaught connected democracy.

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