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Claire De Lune is simply a sci-fi communicative escapade crippled by Tactic Studios that begins with players soaring crossed the stars. As John, you’re exploring done abstraction alongside your daughter, Claire, and their AI companion/pilot, Arturo. Everything seems mostly peachy until an chartless unit violently pulls your vessel towards a adjacent planet. Sensing the worst, you jettison Claire to the mysterious satellite successful an flight pod portion you thrust their vessel down to the surface. 

After surviving the crash-landing, you indispensable present find Claire’s beingness pod portion besides figuring retired what caused the catastrophe successful the archetypal place. John is equipped with his trusty nanogun, a instrumentality that spawns ample cubes that tin beryllium utilized for climbing. The “weapon” tin besides make bounce pads for bounding implicit obstacles. These mechanics, arsenic good arsenic others, whitethorn dependable elemental but Claire De Lune’s biology puzzle-solving challenges players to marque inventive usage of the nanogun to safely bypass hostile wildlife, traverse bodies of acidic goo, and different alien hazards. Along the mode you’ll prosecute successful assorted hacking puzzles, research abandoned probe facilities, and prosecute successful some stealth and combat scenarios.  

Join myself and Tactics Studio laminitis Jesse Attard arsenic we research Claire De Lune’s opening moments and amusement disconnected its unsocial rotation connected exploration. If you similar what you see, you’ll beryllium blessed to cognize that the crippled is disposable opening contiguous connected PC (on some Steam and the Epic Games Store). 

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