Employees are concerned about these situations when returning to the new office

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Turns out, ditching leisurewear is 1 of the hardest parts astir going backmost to the bureau aft a twelvemonth of dressing for Zoom success. But what volition the caller bureau look like?


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In the past year, companies person utilized a fig of strategies and reshaped the accepted bureau to mitigate the dispersed of COVID-19 in-house. On Wednesday, Qualtrics released its Future of the Workplace Study highlighting the caller bureau amenities employees want, the drawbacks of distant enactment and formal codification expectations arsenic workers instrumentality to the caller bureau aft much than a twelvemonth of telecommuting.

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Return to the bureau concerns

Overall, the Qualtrics survey progressive much than 1,000 U.S. adults employed either afloat oregon part-time. In order, the apical 2 concerns respondents person astir gathering coworkers in-person are "being socially awkward" followed by "following due societal etiquette," and much than one-third of respondents said they would take a "touchless greeting" erstwhile "they spot their co-workers," according to the report.

While the bulk of respondents (60%) were comfy "working successful the aforesaid enclosed space" arsenic different coworkers, these comfortableness levels alteration markedly crossed property groups. For example, one-quarter of respondents 55 and older were uncomfortable coworking successful an enclosed abstraction compared to 13% of the 18 to 34 property radical and 17% for radical betwixt the ages of 35 and 54, according to the report.

Office redesign and consolidation

The bulk of respondents (62%) said they'd beryllium "satisfied" if institution bureau locations were consolidated to make improved facilities and amenities, according to the report, and employers opening "more outer offices for smaller teams, similar a WeWork" would fulfill astir fractional of employees.

"Traditionally, carnal bureau locations were indispensable for employees to get enactment done. This past twelvemonth has proven, that's not the lawsuit anymore—employees tin thrust results and beryllium productive from a assortment of locations,"  said Julia Anas, Qualtrics main radical officer.

That means, arsenic companies accommodate to the changing workforce landscape, they volition request to find compelling ways to marque the bureau a destination abstraction wherever employees travel unneurotic to beryllium inspired to link successful idiosyncratic with 1 different to collaborate and innovate," Anas continued.

Citing Qualtrics research, Anas mentioned a fewer of the desired amenities employees privation including "more earthy airy successful their workspace, entree to fittingness equipment, and outdoor spaces wherever they tin collaborate with colleagues."

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In a June report, Next Energy Technologies outlined a fig of bureau redesign elements responsive employees wanted to spot astatine the caller bureau ranging from accrued entree to earthy airy wrong and accrued sustainability efforts similar a "reduced reliance connected single-use materials."

Hassan Osman, manager astatine Cisco Systems and Udemy teacher who teaches a people connected hybrid enactment management, discussed a fewer of the ways companies could reimagine the caller bureau successful the months ahead.

"One mode is to repurpose the existing bureau from dedicated workspaces to much hybrid-friendly gathering rooms and quiescent spaces," Osman said.

"Teams are going to beryllium dispersed betwixt in-office and distant truthful expect gathering rooms to beryllium utilized for on-site collaboration and coordination of in-office squad initiatives. And quiescent spaces to beryllium utilized for focused enactment and distraction-free conversations with distant squad members," helium continued.

Additionally, Osman said companies could incorporated "hot-desking" strategies to allocate workspaces to employees lone erstwhile they request them," noting that this implementation would assistance organizations "save connected existent property costs portion maximizing their assets and plus usage."

Dress codification astatine the caller bureau

Unlike the bureau environment, distant workers are capable to forgo the accepted concern attire during the workday and alternatively don much comfy clothing. In March 2020, amid the power to distant enactment en masse, Walmart sold much tops than bottoms; a conspicuous discrepancy that could beryllium attributed to accrued video meetings and the ocular absorption connected attire from the waist up.

"When the planetary pandemic sent everyone home, enactment manner moved to the bottommost of everyone's precedence list. Video filters became a substitute for make-up, crocs became the caller sneaker, and sweatpants became the norm," Anas said. "As employees statesman to instrumentality to the carnal workplace they volition beryllium looking for ways to harvester nonrecreational formal with the comfortableness they acquisition astatine home."

When returning to the accepted office, one-quarter of Qualtrics respondents said that "dropping leisurewear" would beryllium the "hardest change" and different hard regular changes including "wearing constitution again and getting regular haircuts," per the report.

As employees spell backmost to the caller office, 37% of respondents are readying to formal "casual." A akin fig of respondents (35%) were readying to formal concern casual erstwhile they instrumentality to the office. In general, astir fractional of respondents (55%) said they would "would formal much casually if their bureau didn't person a formal code."

Remote enactment drawbacks

While moving from location whitethorn person its just stock of perks a la reduced commute and a deficiency of formal code, determination are a fig of nonrecreational drawbacks to consider. About fractional of respondents judge on-site bureau workers person "career vantage for promotions and raises compared to distant employees," according to the report, citing "visibility to enactment arsenic the superior advantage."

"Hybrid enactment volition beryllium an accommodation for galore companies," Anas said. "Leaders who instrumentality clip to perceive to what employees are reasoning and feeling and past acting connected that feedback volition person the quality to make an equitable situation for each employees—regardless of in-person oregon distant status."

Additionally, Anas said employer-provided nonrecreational improvement opportunities similar "mentorships, grooming sessions, and networking events" could assistance organizations "avoid unnecessary gaps betwixt employees." 

"Doing this successful summation to making immoderate adjustments—like expanding intentional connection from leadership, scheduling much predominant 1:1 meetings with managers, oregon hosting virtual blessed hours—can guarantee each employees person what they request to beryllium productive and successful," Anas continued.

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