Fed Up Democrats Warn Texas Is On Borrowed Time As They Take Voting Rights Fight To DC

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Texas Democrats are coming to DC with a informing that voting rights successful their authorities are connected borrowed time, and they request national legislation.

The Texas Dems explained wherefore they are coming to Washington:

Texas Dems arsenic they fly to D.C. to deprive the House of the quorum needed to walk the GOP's restrictive voting instrumentality overhaul: “We are present taking the combat to our nation’s Capitol. We are surviving connected borrowed clip successful Texas."

— Kate Riga (@Kate_Riga24) July 12, 2021

Texas State Rep. Jasmine Crockett explained what pushed Democrats to accidental capable was capable and walkout:

Texas State Rep. Jasmine Crockett said that Democrats decided that capable was capable aft a play of Republican-held marathon hearings connected the elector suppression bill. pic.twitter.com/tGXVM4jGeo

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 12, 2021

Texas Democrats are coming to Washington, DC to combat for voting rights. Democrats successful the House and Senate should wage adjacent attraction to what their visitors from Texas person to accidental due to the fact that they are astatine the existent crushed zero of the combat to support the close to vote.

Republicans successful Texas are trying to ram done this authorities due to the fact that they cognize that they are losing their grip connected the Lone Star State. Texas could beryllium the adjacent reddish authorities to spell purple, which is wherefore the GOP is warring truthful hard to little the percent of Democratic votes successful aboriginal elections.

The timepiece is ticking. Democrats can’t hold until adjacent twelvemonth to bash something. They indispensable walk a measure present due to the fact that getting escaped of Trump did not get escaped of the menace to democracy.

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