How data sharing ecosystems are giving organizations a competitive edge

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The imaginable fiscal benefits tin scope 9% of yearly gross implicit the adjacent 5 years successful an enactment with $10 cardinal successful yearly revenue, a caller Capgemini study finds.


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Data sharing ecosystems—developed by organizations to stock information and insights nether locally applicable regulations to make value—have the imaginable to prevention organizations arsenic overmuch arsenic 9% of their yearly gross implicit the adjacent 5 years, according to a caller report. Capgemini's latest report,"Data sharing masters: How astute organizations usage information ecosystems to summation an unbeatable competitory edge," discusses the worth for organizations crossed industries erstwhile they stock information passim their ecosystems of partners and suppliers.

These ecosystems tin instrumentality antithetic forms, including information brokerages providing aggregate information to clients, reciprocal information sharing among proviso concatenation partners and sharing insights crossed assemblage boundaries, the study said.

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Organizations that prosecute successful information ecosystems amended lawsuit restitution by an mean of 15%, improved productivity/efficiency by 14% and reduced costs by 11% annually successful the past 2 to 3 years, according to the report.

Data ecosystems person existed successful immoderate signifier for implicit a decade, Capgemini said. "In 1 of the earliest forms of for-profit information ecosystems, banks, credit-card companies and lending institutes person been partnering with credit-reporting agencies and bureaus and sharing consumer-credit information,'' the study said.

  • Today's information ecosystems person travel a agelong mode and person respective characteristics that basal retired from those of the past:
  • Complexity (multi-party, heterogeneous, including information from individuals arsenic good arsenic from businesses)
  • Transparency: alteration spot and participants' sovereignty implicit their data
  • Openness and dynamism (easier to join, enactment and leave)
  • Following modern standards and exertion for interoperability
  • Ability to physique connected trusted bundle infrastructure.

Organizations are taking note

For example, information ecosystems are helping organizations tally analytics connected logistics spouse information to amended optimize proviso chains, physique a existent end-to-end presumption of the sustainability interaction of caller products earlier launching them and larn from cause find information from galore pharma companies to bring safer drugs to marketplace faster, according to the report.


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Driven by concern benefits, 48% of organizations are readying to motorboat caller information ecosystem initiatives successful the adjacent future, with 84% of them readying to bash truthful wrong the adjacent 3 years, the Capgemini study said.

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The telecom (81%), banking (73%) and user goods (60%) sectors volition pb the data-sharing contention wrong the adjacent 3 years, with the highest proportions of organizations that program to motorboat caller information ecosystem initiatives, the study said.

And astatine a geographic level, the U.S. (47%) volition person the largest stock of firms making large concern commitments (those investing >$50m) successful the information ecosystem space.

One successful 4 organizations (25%) volition put upwards of $50 cardinal successful information ecosystems successful the adjacent 2 to 3 years.

Data ecosystems chopped crossed sectors, information domains and worth chains

Data ecosystems are recovered and utilized crossed antithetic sectors, information domains and worth chains. The astir communal usage cases among the 37 unsocial ecosystem usage cases Capgemini analyzed are:

  • Tracking advertizing ratio and targeting
  • Sharing information and insights connected caller probe and development
  • Sharing merchandise and work depletion and usage data
  • Sharing aggregate mobility information for services specified arsenic astute cities, parking, mapping, etc.
  • Sharing online acquisition and transaction data.

Yet, the afloat imaginable of these information ecosystems is not yet being realized. A bulk of organizations (61%) are engaging successful elemental information sharing and debased levels of collaboration, the study said. Fourteen percent of organizations are engaged successful much collaborative models with extended information sharing.

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Organizations progressive successful much collaborative information ecosystems person the imaginable to importantly outperform organizations successful little analyzable and collaborative ecosystem models. Such organizations thrust an further 10 percent points of fiscal advantage, including caller revenue, higher productivity and little costs successful the adjacent 3 years, according to the report.

"We judge that organizations pursuing a wide roadmap for information ecosystem engagements volition physique a sustained vantage for themselves and their partners,'' the Capgemini study said. This roadmap involves:

  • Formulating a information ecosystem strategy: intelligibly articulating the intent of engaging successful information ecosystems, identifying data-sharing usage cases that make value, and establishing enactment and governance for data-sharing initiatives.
  • Making cardinal plan decisions: deciding what information tin beryllium shared (sourced oregon supplied), who the trusted ecosystem partners volition be, and which collaboration exemplary and concern exemplary volition enactment best.
  • Kicking disconnected implementation by moving small-scale pilots, aligning required capabilities, analyzing processes that request to beryllium transformed, and defining caller interior ways of working.
  • Sustaining the vantage by scaling up the usage cases to their afloat potential; measuring and monitoring success; and moving up the information and insights worth chain.
  • Proactively addressing privacy, ethics, spot and regulatory requirements.

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