How to Write a New Company Launch Press Release

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press release for business is an important way to get your message across to your customers and stakeholders. They provide a collated release of information that can be sent to multiple parties at once.

Introduce the Company

The first paragraph of your press release should introduce the company.


  • The name of your business.

  • Address, phone number, and email address for questions or comments.

  • Website address if available. If not, provide a link to one that does exist on another site (for example www.your-company-name here). This is where you’ll find contact information if people want more information about how they can get involved with what you do! You could also include social media links instead here (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram).

State the Announcement

In the first paragraph, state the announcement as a whole. Give a brief summary of press release for new business you are announcing and why it is important. For example, if you're launching a new product line that will help people feel better about themselves, write: "This new line of skin care products comes in five different scents—minty freshness (for those who need something light), floral delight (for those who want to smell like flowers), citrus tang (for those who want to smell like citrus fruits), woodsy musk (for those who want to smell like nature)," then end with "Visit for more information."

The second paragraph should be very brief; focus on giving three main points or bullet points about your announcement instead of trying to explain everything in detail here. These three points should be clear enough so that someone could read them easily without having too much background knowledge about your company or product beforehand - but also not so vague that anyone would get lost! You can even include some text here describing why these points are important enough for readers' attention at this momentous occasion!

Describe What Your Company Does

The purpose of this section is to describe what your company does in a few short sentences. You should include:

  • A mission statement that explains why you exist and what it's about. This can be as simple as "We provide affordable services for small businesses." Or it can be more detailed, like "Our goal is to help small businesses grow their revenue by providing them with expert advice and guidance on how to manage their finances better."

  • The services that you provide (or plan to provide), including any additional benefits or features customers will enjoy when using them. For example: “We offer our customers access to an online accounting platform so they don't have any more headaches than they already have!” Or: “We charge no hidden fees like most other accountants do; instead we've got great rates that are affordable even if someone hasn't had any experience yet."

Include Details about Your Company

  • Name of Company

  • Address and Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Website Address

Provide More Information about the Announcement

The where to submit press releases is the first chance for you to provide more information about your announcement. It's important to keep it brief and informative, so use bullet points whenever possible. If you need a table, use one!

  • Provide basic details about what happened in this release (the date, time and location where it was announced).

  • Include a quote from the CEO or founder of your company as well as any other relevant information such as photos of them.

  • Include a photo of yourself with an explanation why having been chosen to do this work for them (and maybe even some jokes!).

Put it All Together

When you are done with your press release, it's time to put it all together. Here are some tips for how you can make sure that your new company launch press release is ready for public consumption:

  • Use a press release template. You can find many free or paid templates online that will help you get started on writing your own company launch press release. They will also provide consistency in formatting and style across multiple versions of the same document as well as save time when creating new ones later on in the process of rolling out new products/services or relaunching existing ones (e.g., rebranding).

  • Use a press release service provider like [insert name here]. These companies will provide professional writers who already have experience with writing these types of messages; they will also handle editing and proofreading so there isn't any need for those tasks yourself!

Press releases are an important way to get your message across to your customers and stakeholders. They provide a collated release of information that can be sent to multiple parties at once.

new company press release are an important way to get your message across to your customers and stakeholders. They provide a collated release of information that can be sent to multiple parties at once.

If you have a new product, service or event coming up, it’s always good practice to publish a press release about it ahead of time so people know what’s happening and when they need to get involved.

Press releases aren’t just for businesses; they also work well for individuals running their own personal brand online as well as charities who want exposure for their causes.


In conclusion, here’s a list of things to consider when writing a press release:

  • Find out what your audience wants to hear about and then write about it.

  • Make sure that you are always professional and courteous when communicating with the media.

  • Be sure to include an appropriate amount of information so people know everything they need before reading your story!

  • Write in an engaging tone! You don't want people scrolling through content on their phones because they find it boring or uninteresting so try incorporating some grammar exercises into your writing routine. This will help improve both grammar skills as well as how much time you spend reading material before sending it out into cyberspace where millions others will see it

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