Katie Sturino’s Mini Guide to Puglia (with a Packing List)

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Katie Sturino

Megababe founder, Body Talk author, and Instagram prima Katie Sturino had honeymooned successful the sunny, breathtakingly beauteous Puglia portion of confederate Italy—and this summer, she went back. “I had to!” she says. “What I emotion astir Puglia is that it’s not a spot that caters to tourists arsenic overmuch arsenic the remainder of Italy does, truthful it has much of a small-town, section consciousness to it. I emotion immersing myself successful the assemblage and blending successful with the locals.”

Sturino recovered herself walking—a lot. “My favourite walking municipality is Ostuni, known arsenic the White City for each its whitewashed buildings,” she says. There was besides a important magnitude of swimming: “The beaches are truthful beautiful—my favourite is Lido Bora Bora. The h2o is perfectly crystal clear.”

She packed essentials for sunny days—sunscreens, her celebrated Thigh Rescue, Birkenstocks, and sundresses—and she stocked up connected large worldly successful the shops, too. “It’s conscionable the champion spot for a vacation,” she says. “You can’t spell wrong.”

The 5 Top Beauty Essentials

  1. 1.

    “I’m obsessed with the coconut, lime, and bilberry scent of Smoothie, and the effect indispensable oils combat odor and nourish my skin. A Smoothie a time helps support the BO away! ”

    Megababe The Smoothie Deo, goop, $14

    Megababe The Smoothie Deo goop, $14


  2. 2.

    “This moisturizer helps equilibrium my tegument code and keeps my tegument hydrated—both are truthful cardinal erstwhile you’re traveling.”

    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Glow Lotion, goop, $58/$52 with subscription

    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Glow Lotion goop, $58/$52 with subscription


  3. 3.

    “I thin to interruption out, and this affluent lipid helps nourish my tegument portion keeping breakouts successful the clear.”

    Tata Harper Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil, goop, $150

    Tata Harper Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil goop, $150


  4. 4.

    “If you’re walking, particularly if it’s blistery outside, you request Thigh Rescue.”

    Megababe Thigh Rescue, goop, $14

    Megababe Thigh Rescue goop, $14


  5. 5.

    “The prima is aggravated successful Puglia. I’m obsessed with this tinted moisturizer—there’s a bully tint to it on with the SPF protection. It’s cleanable connected the spell and large each day.”

    Saie Sunvisor, goop, $34

    Saie Sunvisor goop, $34


Bonus Post-Trip Beauty Tip

Where to Stay

“I’ve stayed astatine Borgo Egnazia before, and it’s a large hotel. It’s bully for families, a small much connected the tourer trail, but a fantastic experience. This time, I stayed astatine an Airbnb. I emotion the feeling—staying successful an Airbnb ever helps maine immerse myself successful the section spots and pushes maine to effort caller things.”

Where to Eat

“Every greeting I started my time with a java and a delicious pastry from Emalu Pasticceria. I emotion however successful Europe you’re encouraged to beryllium and bask your breakfast. I’m trying to bring this slow-morning contented backmost to the States! Our favourite section restaurants for dinner: Il Cortiletto and Locanda di Nonna Mena.”

  1. Roman and Williams Guild Kaneko Kohyo Rinka Mug, goop, $50

    Roman and Williams Guild Kaneko Kohyo Rinka Mug goop, $50


  2. goop Fair Trade Specialty Coffee, goop, $28

    goop Fair Trade Specialty Coffee goop, $28


  3. goop x Social Studies Salad Plate, goop, $34

    goop x Social Studies Salad Plate goop, $34


What She Wore

“Comfort is key—I cannot accidental that enough. Birkenstocks are my favourite erstwhile I’m connected ft each day. I emotion throwing connected a casual sundress to spell with them, adding a hat, and exploring the city.”

  1. Lack of Color Palma Wide Boater, goop, $129

    Lack of Color Palma Wide Boater goop, $129


  2. Natalie Martin Melanie Dress, goop, $348

    Natalie Martin Melanie Dress goop, $348


  3. Birkenstock Arizona, goop, $25

    Birkenstock Arizona goop, $125


“Layering a fewer necklaces is my favourite mode to decorativeness the look—the much the merrier.”

  1. Ariel Gordon ID Arc Necklace, goop, $1,825

    Ariel Gordon ID Arc Necklace goop, $1,825


  2. Laura Lombardi Omega Chain, goop, $98

    Laura Lombardi Omega Chain goop, $98


  3. Sophie Buhai Long Classic Delicate Charm, goop, $525

    Sophie Buhai Long Classic Delicate Chain goop, $525


What She Shopped for connected Her Way Home

“I can’t defy picking up a caller La DoubleJ portion erstwhile I’m successful Italy, and this time, I was fortunate capable to conscionable with [founder] JJ herself astatine the brand’s caller store successful Milan connected my mode backmost from Puglia. If you can, go—I highly urge it for some sartorial and spiritual inspo.”

  1. La DoubleJ x Ladurée Teapot, goop, $275

    La DoubleJ x Ladurée Teapot goop, $275


  2. La DoubleJ Dessert Plates, Set of 6, goop, $350

    La DoubleJ Dessert Plates, Set of 6 goop, $350


  3. La DoubleJ x Ladurée Apron, goop, $95

    La DoubleJ x Ladurée Apron goop, $95


  4. La DoubleJ Terry Poncho Placée, goop, $635

    La DoubleJ Terry Poncho Placée goop, $635


  5. La DoubleJ Sardegna Skirt, goop, $760

    La DoubleJ Sardegna Skirt goop, $760


Best Read, Beach or Otherwise

Body Talk is hilarious and adorable—and it changed our position connected the mode our civilization looks astatine weight. No substance what your weight, this is simply a must-read that happens to beryllium wildly entertaining and fun.

  1. Penguin Random House Body Talk goop, $25

    Penguin Random House Body Talk goop, $25


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