Las Vegas small business wins $100K marketing package with Raiders

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After starting her concern successful her Las Vegas home, entrepreneur Felicia Parker ne'er thought she’d person the accidental to person her marque plastered wrong a $2 cardinal NFL stadium.

Parker volition get that chance, successful summation to different selling assets totaling $100,000, arsenic the victor of the Small Business Showcase enactment connected by the Raiders and America First Credit Union.

“It’s a surreal moment,” Parker said wrong Allegiant Stadium connected Tuesday evening. “Even walking successful the stadium present and seeing the Small Business Showcase up there, I thought ‘Oh man, that could beryllium my business.’ And to cognize present that volition beryllium america and we’ll person that level of exposure, words can’t picture the trajectory it volition person for our business.”

In summation to advertizing wrong Allegiant Stadium for the Raiders 2021 season, Any Occasion Baskets volition besides person an advertisement successful the Raiders crippled time program, vigor spots and integer promotion, and tickets to a location game.

Parker thought her chances of winning the showcase were “one successful a million.” Her chances improved aft the tract was whittled down to the 7 finalists, including her, up of Tuesday.

“Small businesses, the lifeblood of the community, had an astonishingly pugnacious year,” said Thayne Shaffer, president and CEO of America First Credit Union. “America First is honored to proceed promoting and fostering entrepreneurship and arrogant to beryllium portion of the small-business journey.”

All Occasions Baskets offers customizable acquisition baskets for a assortment of occasions. Parker said she does a ton of community-based work, which is 1 of the reasons she won. That included handing retired escaped baskets erstwhile the pandemic deed and near the concern with a wide of product, but fewer customers.

“So, we took a infinitesimal and decided that we were going to commencement giving back,” she said. “We started giving backmost to the frontline ER workers and conscionable donating baskets and donating them from different businesses, to assistance different tiny businesses turn arsenic good due to the fact that truthful galore businesses were impacted.”

Raiders President Marc Badain said the squad is ever looking for ways to assistance radical successful the assemblage they unrecorded and play in, particularly those who mightiness not different person the resources to turn and beforehand themselves.

“When we get progressive successful a charitable oregon philanthropic enactment we tin assistance rise the illustration of that entity, possibly giving them attraction they mightiness not different get,” Badain said. “This young woman volition beryllium capable to showcase her concern to each of our fans successful the stadium and get a precise important selling bundle and hopefully it volition amplify her concern and go a beauteous large occurrence story.”

Parker said anyone who is reasoning astir starting a tiny concern should bash what it takes to marque it happen.

“Chase that imagination and that passionateness fearlessly,” she said. “Look, we’re successful Allegiant Stadium and I started successful my eating country with a thought of a beauteous handbasket with a bow connected it and present we are today.”

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