Latest data shows where Clark County residents may have gotten COVID

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Clark County residents astir often visited restaurants, market stores and casinos earlier being diagnosed with COVID-19 successful the past month, according to nationalist wellness data.

That’s according to a database of the county’s astir communal “possible vulnerability sites” published connected the Southern Nevada Health District’s website.

The information does not amusement wherever a idiosyncratic is known to person contracted COVID-19. Instead, it represents wherever an infected idiosyncratic traveled successful the 14 days anterior to them becoming symptomatic oregon getting tested.

An undefined “other” class topped the database with astir 800 imaginable exposures successful the past month. Last year, authorities wellness officials said the class represents businesses that bash not align with different categories listed.

Following that was “food establishments” with much than 500 imaginable exposures successful the past month, “grocery store” with astir 380 and “casino” with 350.

Other apical ranking categories included “medical facility,” “work,” “hotel/motel” and “school.”

In February, data showed Clark County residents astir often visited restaurants, hotels and aesculapian facilities earlier being diagnosed with COVID-19.

The region has seen a resurgence of illness dispersed since aboriginal June. Hospitalizations among the infected person much than tripled, and the trial positivity complaint has climbed to 10 percent — treble the extremity acceptable by the World Health Organization. In Clark County, the two-week positivity complaint climbed by 0.6 percent points Tuesday, reaching 11.3 percent, according to authorities data.

The imaginable vulnerability determination information lists wide categories of businesses alternatively of idiosyncratic locations. The information is based connected voluntary self-reporting by radical investigating affirmative during the illness probe oregon interaction tracing process.

Brian Labus, an epidemiologist and adjunct prof with the UNLV School of Public Health, said cases successful unvaccinated radical are driving the state’s existent spike successful caller COVID-19 infections.

The percent of eligible Nevadans that person started the vaccination process is astir 54 percent, authorities information shows. Among Clark County residents, its astir 55 percent.

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