Man arrested after DNA links him to 3 sexual assaults in Las Vegas

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A antheral arrested successful June faces aggregate intersexual battle charges aft DNA grounds linked him to 3 anterior assaults successful Las Vegas, according to a precocious released tribunal document.

Jaired Aguilar was booked into the Clark County Detention Center connected June 24, much than a twelvemonth aft a warrant was issued for his apprehension connected April 27, 2020, records show. He is charged with 2 counts of enactment battle with a deadly limb and 3 counts of enactment assault.

The 3 reported assaults occurred successful May 2004, May 2005, and November 2009, the papers states.

First assault

The unfortunate from the 2004 lawsuit told constabulary that she was walking northbound connected Boulder Highway toward Boulder Station erstwhile a car pulled up adjacent to her and the driver, aboriginal identified arsenic Aguilar, offered her a ride, the papers states.

When she got in, the pistillate told constabulary that the antheral started driving successful the incorrect direction, pulled retired a weapon and held it to her head, according to the document. The antheral past parked and told her, “You should cognize a slayer erstwhile you spot one,” past threatened to pistol-whip her and sprout her successful the limb if she did not listen.

The antheral past forced her to execute a intersexual enactment connected him, the pistillate said. After, helium tossed a condom retired of the window, stole her belongings and forced her retired of the car, the papers states.

Once outside, she screamed for assistance aggregate times, shouting, “Rape,” the papers states. Construction workers adjacent called police, who retrieved the utilized condom from the scene.

Police astatine the clip determined that the car was registered to a pistillate named Dolores. On Nov. 6, 2004, they recovered Aguilar astatine Dolores’ home, the papers states. He told officers that Dolores was his grandma and declined to talk to detectives but said helium would acceptable up an assignment to talk with them astatine a aboriginal date.

The papers did not bespeak whether constabulary spoke with him again.

In June 2018, DNA recovered wrong the condom matched Aguilar, arsenic good arsenic DNA collected during a intersexual battle exam that the unfortunate had undergone aft the assault, according to the document.

Second assault

The unfortunate from the 2005 lawsuit told constabulary that she was walking to a autobus halt adjacent Desert Inn and Sandhill roads erstwhile she started chatting with the operator of a car parked successful beforehand of a adjacent 7-Eleven. As she walked away, the car began pursuing her.

According to the document, the driver, aboriginal identified arsenic Aguilar, rolled down his rider window, held up a weapon and told her to get successful the car. When she did, helium parked astatine a market store, wherever helium threw distant a vessel of Smirnoff vodka and bought a container of condoms.

Aguilar past drove the pistillate to a parking store and sexually assaulted her earlier throwing a condom retired of the window, the papers states. He took the woman’s ID and wealth from her purse, past told her to get out. She called constabulary from a adjacent state station.

Police recovered the condom from the country arsenic good arsenic the Smirnoff vessel from a market store trash can.

In March 2007, DNA collected during a intersexual battle exam that the unfortunate antecedently underwent matched Aguilar. In February 2018, fingerprints from the Smirnoff vessel besides returned to Aguilar, the papers states.

Third assault

The unfortunate from the 2009 lawsuit told constabulary that she went to a barroom with her ex-boyfriend and his friend, aboriginal identified arsenic Aguilar, the papers states. After, Aguilar brought her to a Denny’s astatine Tropicana and Eastern avenues wherever they began kissing successful the parking lot.

She did not privation to person sex, she told police, but Aguilar told her, “We’re going to person enactment oregon I americium going to termination you,” the papers states. After the assault, she utilized tissues to cleanable herself up and threw them retired the window, she told police.

Then she went wrong the diner to cleanable up much thoroughly, she said. Aguilar was gone erstwhile she came outside. She called her parent to prime her up, past underwent a intersexual battle exam.

A study dated February 26, 2018, said nary antheral DNA was detected from the exam. But connected January 16, 2019, DNA collected from the woman’s wig returned to Aguilar, the papers states.

A proceeding successful the lawsuit is slated for July 26.

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