Megyn Kelly: The Media is Making January 6th Out to Be So Much Bigger Than it Was

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Megyn Kelly was, astatine 1 point, 1 of the biggest stars successful Conservative media. Her attempts to determination distant from the Fox News transmission resulted successful catastrophe erstwhile she near NBC aft doing a conception wherever she defended blackface.

The erstwhile Fox News hosts opinions person lone grown much extreme. During a caller episode, Kelly noted that the media is making excessively large a woody retired of the caller insurrection.

Kelly’s guest, Chrissie Mayr, a comedian, said she was determination astatine the riots. She told the host, “I was determination and anybody who was determination connected the 6th is, like, blown distant by how, like, inaccurate the media sum is. At this point, it’s similar I don’t privation to perceive to anybody’s thoughts connected the 6th unless they were similar there, similar physically there, due to the fact that it was so, like, not a large deal.”

Mayr continued, “I mean, it was horrible, like, like, Ashli Babbitt was murdered— should not person happened, but for a radical who could person travel afloat equipped to the Capitol, they didn’t.”

Kelly somewhat agreed, saying, “There is nary question the media represented it arsenic truthful overmuch worse than it really was.” The big did aboriginal concede, “Not similar [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY)], ‘I request therapy for the remainder of my life,’ afraid, but I tin recognize it, and I didn’t similar seeing it astatine all.”

"Worse than 9/11? 3,000 radical died. Firefighters, cops, children who were connected those planes that got turned into missiles…"@MegynKelly and @ChrissieMayr connected Matthew Dowd's January 6th 9/11 comparison. Listen and download here:

— The Megyn Kelly Show (@MegynKellyShow) July 12, 2021

Kelly volition soon beryllium taking her progressively extremist views to Sirirus/XM. The outer vigor institution precocious hired her to big a quality show.

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