Ripple wins bid to depose ex-SEC director to in XRP case

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All along, the XRP squad has maintained that the cryptocurrency should not beryllium treated arsenic a security, citing the ex-SEC official’s comments connected ETH.

Ripple has been allowed to question William H. Hinman, an ex-director of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a US justice has ordered.

Ripple’s petition was to person the erstwhile manager attest to comments made successful a 2018 speech astir Ethereum (and Bitcoin).

On Thursday, US Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn ruled that Ripple should spell up and depose Hinman. The justice ruled that Hinman held “substantial authority” astatine the SEC but that questioning him would “open the floodgates” for akin developments.

The justice noted successful her ruling that the lawsuit against Ripple and 2 of its executives were of a “significant” argumentation nature, progressive immense amounts of wealth and that determination is simply a batch of nationalist involvement successful it.

SEC opposed deposition

The SEC’s suit against Ripple, filed successful December 2020, accused Ripple Labs of conducting an amerciable merchantability of unregistered securities. It besides accused Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and enforcement Chairman Chris Larsen of having benefited millions from the merchantability of XRP.

Ripple has denied each of the charges and accusations, and past week re-notified the tribunal of their determination to depose Hinman connected 19 July 2021 arsenic portion of gathering their effect against the regulator’s accusations.

But the securities watchdog opposed the deposition, stating that Hinman’s views astir ether and bitcoin were made successful his capacity. However, lawyers for the blockchain institution accidental that the ex-director’s grounds is cardinal to their lawsuit arsenic they bid to person the SEC disclose however they concluded that ether and bitcoin were not securities, yet XRP was.

Ripple has besides claimed “unfair” attraction connected the broadside of the securities regulator arsenic it did not connection capable “notice” regarding its plans to state XRP arsenic a security.

The court’s ruling present gives Ripple Labs the accidental to question Hinman, though that volition not present hap connected the 19 July arsenic earlier scheduled. This follows Judge Netburn’s determination to let the 2 parties a week to hold connected the quality of the deposition.

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