Summer sizzle: Temperatures rise, records fall in Las Vegas

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Remember that play successful precocious May erstwhile it snowed connected Mount Charleston and Las Vegas saw highs successful the debased 70s?

Yeah, it felt nice. Since then, it’s been each uphill, arsenic in, thing but head-scorching heat. Hopefully, this week’s monsoonal rains volition marque those record-breaking temperatures a distant memory.

Here’s a breakdown of however the vigor has gripped the vale successful the past 2 months (note: the Las Vegas bureau of the National Weather Service uses McCarran International Airport arsenic its authoritative signaling station.)


— Last Saturday, for the 5th clip successful its history, Las Vegas tied its all-time precocious somesthesia of 117 degrees. The different 4 times: 2017, 2013, 2005 and 1942.

— Last Friday, McCarran deed 116 degrees, surpassing the grounds for the day of 113 acceptable connected July 9, 1943.

— Last Thursday, Las Vegas acceptable a July 8 vigor record erstwhile McCarran reached 114, eclipsing the regular grounds precocious of 113 acceptable successful 2017.

For the month, the upwind bureau said Las Vegas had 3 grounds regular highs and 2 grounds lukewarm lows.

Strangely, Sunday whitethorn person been this summer’s turning point. In a 24-hour period, Las Vegas went from record-breaking vigor to record-breaking rainfall. McCarran registered 0.10 inches of rainfall Sunday night, the astir rainfall the vale has received connected July 11 since records began successful in 1937.

Death Valley National Park successful California besides saw record-breaking vigor successful July, including 130 degrees past Saturday. But it fell abbreviated of its all-time precocious of 134 degrees acceptable successful 1913.

🌡️ Record Summary 🌡️
Below is simply a summary of records acceptable from July 7th – 12th, 2021 astatine each NWS Las Vegas clime sites.

Daily Record = hottest temp recorded connected that day.
All-Time = hottest temp recorded connected immoderate day.

All records are preliminary.#NvWx #CaWz #AzWx #VegasWxRecords

— NWS Las Vegas (@NWSVegas) July 13, 2021


Don’t hide that this July vigor didn’t travel retired of nowhere. It was beauteous toasty past period too. It was the second-hottest June successful Las Vegas, with records going backmost to 1937, the upwind work said. The mean somesthesia was 92.4 degrees, astir 5 degrees supra normal.

— On June 19, Las Vegas reached a precocious of 114, tying the grounds acceptable successful 1940.

— On June 17, McCarran saw 114, breaking the grounds of 113 acceptable successful 1940.

— The time before, on June 16, Las Vegas broke an 80-year-old grounds for its hottest June 16 with a speechmaking of 116.

The June Review is in! 🗞️ June 2021 ranked the 2nd hottest successful the Las Vegas grounds going backmost to 1937! 🥵 #VegasWeather

— NWS Las Vegas (@NWSVegas) July 1, 2021

However, Las Vegas is not unsocial successful suffering from the record-breaking temperatures this summer. The intense vigor question that deed the Pacific Northwest precocious past period whitethorn person caused hundreds of deaths. So overmuch for heading to Seattle to chill off.

Where’s the bully quality successful each this? Las Vegas won’t person to endure another 240-day drought similar past year. That adust spell began April 20 and didn’t extremity until December 18. The precocious that time was 62. Aahh, if lone “Christmas successful July” applied to Las Vegas weather.

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