These states saw the most hacks in 2020

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A study uses FBI information to parse retired state-by-state hacking information by the fig of victims and full fiscal losses for each 100,000 residents.


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In caller months, a drawstring of high-profile cyberattacks has reverberated crossed critical aspects of the U.S. infrastructure ranging from petroleum and nutrient production to local h2o supplies, bringing web information beforehand and halfway for companies and households alike. In June, automated selling company, Get Response, released a report outlining state-by-state online hacking statistic for 2020.

"During a twelvemonth loaded with anxiety, unemployment, and severance from loved ones, Americans looked to the Internet arsenic a lifeline to the wider world. But cyberattacks successful 2020 were arsenic wide and far-reaching arsenic the effects of Covid-19—no authorities was safe," reads a information of the merchandise written by GetResponse U.S. SEO Manager Robert Bernal.

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"State of Online Hacking successful America"

Overall, Get Response's "State of Online Hacking successful America" roundup is based connected FBI hacking data. One of the company's infographics parses retired state-by-state hacking information by the fig of victims for each 100,000 residents. 

Based connected these parameters, Nevada topped the roundup by a important borderline with 523 hacking victims per 100,000 residents. For perspective, the District of Columbia claimed the second-highest ratio with 302 onslaught victims per 100,000 residents, conscionable up of Iowa (297), Alaska (283) and Florida (250). In order, Maryland (245) and Delaware (229) circular retired the apical five.

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On the other extremity of the spectrum, Mississippi and South Dakota registered the lowest ratio of attacks per 100,000 residents with 83 and 88, respectively. In order, North Dakota (100), West Virginia (106) and Louisiana (109) circular retired the apical 5 states with the lowest fig of hacking attacks per 100,000 residents.

Hacking and fiscal loses

A information of the study parses retired information based connected the full fiscal losses per 100,000 residents to adhd a monetary facet to the cybersecurity rankings. Overall, North Dakota topped the financial-focused database with $3,386,200 successful full unfortunate losses per 100,000 residents followed by the District of Columbia ($2,684,059) and New York ($2,137,464).

"Cyberattacks, peculiarly those focused connected concern sectors similar banks and hospitals, tin pb to much than information disclosure and estimation damage; the fiscal interaction of breaches and consequent losses tin beryllium significant," Bernal said successful the release.

In order, Missouri and Colorado circular retired the apical 5 with $1,888,635 and $1,748,021 successful presumption of fiscal losses per 100,000 residents, respectively.

"North Dakotans, with 100 victims per 100K residents, mislaid astir $3.5 cardinal to hacking, and New Yorkers, with 177 victims per capita, mislaid conscionable implicit $2 million—both ranked comparatively debased for unfortunate rates," Bernal said successful the release.

"Conversely, D.C. residents experienced higher rates of hacking and mislaid astir $2.7 cardinal to cyberattacks successful 2020. But South Dakotans, with little rates of per capita victims, besides mislaid importantly little than astir different states, with $362,653 mislaid to cyberattacks," Bernal continued.

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