UNLV nursing camp gives teens tour of profession

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Fourteen teenagers spent portion of Wednesday greeting listening for irregularities successful the bosom and lung sounds of Nursing Anne, a manikin connected a infirmary furniture astatine the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas.

These precocious schoolhouse juniors, seniors and caller graduates rotated among Nursing Anne and astir a twelve different grooming stations arsenic portion of UNLV’s yearly summertime nursing camp. The weeklong camp, which started successful 2019 but skipped past twelvemonth due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic, aims to animate students to prosecute a vocation successful nursing.

Lessons connected Wednesday, taught by existent UNLV nursing students, included suture and staple removal, tegument appraisal of wounds, putting connected idiosyncratic protective instrumentality and making a infirmary bed. Camp activities aboriginal successful the week volition see a nursing panel, CPR and archetypal assistance training, a circuit of University Medical Center, ACT mentation and wellness sciences advising.

Minnie Wood, the manager of objective and assemblage partnerships astatine UNLV’s School of Nursing, said the campy demonstrates the wide realm of nursing that includes researchers, scientists, caregiver practitioners and caregivers.

“A batch of radical successful the nationalist don’t recognize however immense our assemblage is and each the antithetic things we do,” Wood said.

For 17-year-old Ariana Tapia, the campy reinforced her tendency to go pediatrics nurse. Tapia heard astir the campy done her aunt, who lives successful Las Vegas, and decided to marque the thrust from Pasadena, California. She had nary regrets astir the five-hour drive.

“It makes maine privation to bash nursing much due to the fact that I truly got to acquisition what nurses bash connected a regular basis,” Tapia said.

Tapia’s item of the campy truthful acold was the IV propulsion medicine station, wherever she practiced with the assistance of nursing pupil Kiara Andrada. While administering saline medications connected a manikin’s arm, Tapia asked Andrada astir assemblage admissions, the hardest pre-med people and wherefore she chose to go a nurse. Andrada, who hopes to specialize successful dermatology, said the campy would lone further the cognition of the participating teenagers.

“A batch of these kids are precise intelligent already, and seeing them use their skills astatine a young age, without being successful nursing schoolhouse yet, is amazing,” Andrada said.

Jenna Le Piere, a elder successful the nursing programme astatine West Career and Technical Academy, plans connected applying to UNLV’s nursing program. But during her grooming with Andrada, Le Piere expressed interest due to the fact that of the program’s competitiveness. Andrada encouraged her to use and cited the program’s caller summation successful capacity.

Wood highlighted the collaboration betwixt aboriginal and existent nursing students arsenic her favourite portion of the camp. In aboriginal years, she envisions that a erstwhile attendee volition beryllium assisting successful the camp.

“I emotion that our nursing teachers are leaders, today,” Wood said. “They get to thatch the campers, who are person to their property than teachers similar me, astir what nursing schoolhouse is really similar and however you get prepared.”

UNLV’s 2nd league of its nursing campy begins adjacent Monday. Registration is inactive unfastened and costs $635. For much information, sojourn unlv.edu/nursing/camp.

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