Your Job Could Put You at Much Higher Risk for Flu

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By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

FRIDAY, July 9, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Your occupation whitethorn importantly summation your hazard of catching the flu, with imaginable implications for the dispersed of different infectious diseases including COVID-19, according to caller research.

On average, moving folks are 35% much apt to get the flu than those without jobs, but an investigation of U.S. national information recovered crisp differences betwixt definite jobs and industries.

The much work-related interaction radical had with others, the greater their flu risk. For example, radical moving successful income had a 41% higher hazard than farmers, and those successful education, wellness and societal services jobs had a 52% higher hazard than miners.

The findings took into relationship idiosyncratic characteristics specified arsenic vaccinations and health insurance.

Rates were larger successful atrocious flu years and were accordant with respect to institution size, fig of jobs and hours worked, according to probe accepted for work successful the Journal of Public Economics.

Researchers suggested their findings could power authorities policies connected respective issues affecting backstage companies, from plan and absorption of carnal enactment spaces to policies connected sick permission and distant work.

Study writer Dongya Koh, an adjunct prof of economics astatine the University of Arkansas Sam M. Walton College of Business, said the findings shouldn't astonishment anyone.

"We anticipation they are applicable for an knowing of the dispersed of flu and different infectious diseases transmitted via respiratory droplets oregon adjacent quality contact, including SARS and COVID," helium said successful a assemblage quality release.

Koh said the results unfastened the doorway for an appraisal of "nonpharmaceutical policies" to combat contagion and perchance pandemics.

"In this sense, we deliberation these results supply a ground for an organizational argumentation that some protects workers and optimizes accumulation and efficiency," Koh said.

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SOURCE: University of Arkansas, quality release, June 26, 2021

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