'Disgusting' system slammed after megastar banned

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UFC commentator Joe Rogan has fto escaped successful an aggravated rant astir the prohibition imposed connected US way prima Sha'Carri Richardson aft she tested affirmative to marijuana.

Richardson was predicted to beryllium a golden medal favourite astatine the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, and her flashy benignant connected the way added to her prima power.

But just implicit a week agone Richardson's Olympic dreams were dashed erstwhile she returned the affirmative cause trial which outgo her a spot connected the USA relay squad and successful the 100-metre idiosyncratic race.

Sha'Carri Richardson competes successful the Women's 100m astatine US Olympic Track & Field Team Trials (Getty)

Rogan slammed the determination to punish Richardson for smoking marijuana, and was highly captious of the Olympic Games "system" arsenic a whole.

"It's 100 per cent horses--t," Rogan ranted connected his podcast.

"That woman should beryllium paid millions of dollars. All of them should beryllium getting paid millions of dollars.

"All the winners of the golden medals, each those radical that are generating insane amounts of wealthiness for the Olympics, they should get a elephantine portion of that.

"They're liable for the crushed wherefore radical are watching the Olympics.

America’s fastest pistillate tests positive

"The networks are making it [money] and the IOC is making it and each these different radical are making it, and the athletes, the full crushed radical are tuning in, they get nothing. It's insane!

"It's a disgusting, corrupt system."

Individual US golden medallists really gain conscionable implicit $50,000, which contradicts Rogan's statement that they person "nothing". US metallic medallists person a small implicit $30,000, and bronze medallists get $20,000, with teams splitting the allocated winnings.

Rogan famously enjoys smoking marijuana connected his podcast.

"I deliberation it's infuriating that this lady, who is seemingly a shoo-in for the golden medal successful the 100 metres - she's expected to beryllium spectacular - and they're not going to fto her run," helium said.

"She's not connected the team... for weed? It's truthful dumb. If they caught her doing steroids oregon EPO, OK, but determination were a batch of radical accusing her of stuff... of a conspiracy... 'the crushed wherefore she smoked weed was truthful she wouldn't get caught for steroids'.

"People can't conscionable look astatine things for what they are, everyone has to look astatine things with this conspiracy mentation lens."

EUGENE, OR - JUNE 19: Sha'Carri Richardson competes successful the Women's 100 Meter connected time 2 of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials astatine Hayward Field connected June 19, 2021 successful Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) (Getty)

Richardson was fixed a 30-day prohibition for the affirmative cause trial that would person ended earlier the scheduled commencement of the relay lawsuit astatine Tokyo, opening the doorway for her to inactive instrumentality portion successful that 4x100-metre race.

However USA Track and Field made the determination to exclude her from the roster, adjacent if it could outgo them golden successful Tokyo.

The federation had 2 discretionary picks beyond the apical 4 finishers successful the 100-metre last astatine trials but chose not to connection a spot to the 21-year-old sprinter.

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