Enraged reaction to 'overzealous' referee

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The opening fractional of tonight's Game Three was met with fiery backlash from experts aft 15 six-again calls marred a tense opening 40 minutes.

Game Three of the Origin bid saw a overmuch tighter contention than successful the erstwhile 2 clashes, with the Maroons uncovering their feet to pb by 2 points astatine half-time.

But with 15 six-again calls - 5 much than the 10 called for the entirety of Game Two - Nine's commentary squad joined restless fans successful condemning the officiating.

Speaking connected the half-time amusement erstwhile Blues manager Phil Gould said the referee was "way excessively overzealous" during the opening period.

"The lone different constituent I volition marque is idiosyncratic needs to spell down and sound connected the referees' doorway and archer him he's not the main attraction present this evening," Gould said.

Teddy explains 'long chat' with ref

"He's been mode excessively overzealous with his penalties. Let the players determine the result."

Rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns was besides asking questions successful the commentary box.

"Another six to go. Well, that's 15 successful 37 minutes," Johns said precocious successful the archetypal half. "Can we fto the players determine who wins the game?"

Blues skipper James Tedesco was besides asked astir Sutton's officiating, successful his half-time interview, aft helium went to the referee for what was described arsenic a agelong chat.

"I was conscionable asking astir discipline. We evidently got penalised a batch connected our extremity enactment but the affirmative was we held them out," Tedesco explained.

"They had a batch of sets connected our enactment and our [defence] was truly bully truthful that's a bully positive."

NRL pundits and erstwhile players joined fans successful sending Twitter into meltdown with furious commentary astir the officiating.

The antagonistic absorption was led by erstwhile Blues prima Willie Mason who urged the referee to fto the crippled flow.

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