Gould confident Origin axing awaits Green

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Rugby league large Phil Gould believes Paul Green volition manager his past crippled for the Maroons connected Wednesday "regardless of the result", with a deficiency of enactment to nonstop him into Origin exile.

Having been outscored 76-6 successful the archetypal 2 games of the series, Green is retired to debar Queensland's archetypal bid expanse since 2000 successful the bid finale.

With Green's aboriginal clouded beyond this year, Gould highlighted a fig of issues, including a lacklustre property league pursuing the Game Two loss, which volition yet travel down connected the erstwhile Cowboys premiership-winning coach.

"They volition beryllium making a change, helium won't beryllium going astir adjacent year," Gould told Nine's 100% Footy. "I can't spot that being imaginable careless of the effect successful Game Three.

"I deliberation the full Queensland campy selections, the mode they carried themselves. Even the mode behaved aft Game Two - helium and the captain, determination was conscionable nary positivity from them whatsoever.

Phil Gould, Paul Green (Getty)

"He didn't amusement enactment to me. I've got thing against Paul, he's a large manager and a premiership-winning coach, but he's conscionable handled this duty truly severely and you can't bash it astatine this level, you've got to get it right."

Gould, the astir palmy NSW Blues manager successful past with six Origin bid wins, was asked if whether legendary fullback Billy Slater would beryllium the close hole to instrumentality connected the caput coaching duties of the Maroons.

The question was enactment guardant to Gould pursuing suggestions Slater was antecedently sounded retired for the role earlier it was subsequently handed to Green.

Gould said if Slater was to instrumentality connected the caput coaching occupation of the Maroons, past "he would person to person others progressive with him."

"Origin, peculiarly for Queensland, invites palmy ex-players to travel backmost and bash the job," Gould said.

"They're a group, they each transportation successful and they volition each enactment their enarthrosis to the instrumentality and enactment him.

Billy Slater gives immoderate proposal to Cameron Munster during a Queensland Maroons State of Origin grooming league astatine Langlands Park connected July 04, 2019 (Getty)

"It doesn't truly substance whether it's Wayne Bennett, Mal Meninga oregon Paul Vautin... it doesn't substance who coaches Queensland, they've ever got the enactment of everyone other astir them.

"The New South Wales manager astatine times tin beryllium precise isolated, but Queensland, it's ever a radical effort.

"No 1 knows Origin arsenic good arsenic Billy Slater, it's whether oregon not the nuances of preparing a squad implicit a week and bringing them successful for the contention - whether oregon not helium volition get each that right, but helium volition person plentifulness of enactment astir him.

"He wouldn't bash it connected his own, helium would person to person others progressive with him."

The treatment surrounding Green's replacement didn't beryllium good with erstwhile Blues skipper Paul Gallen, who claims the Maroons manager has been unfairly treated.

Gallen's comments led to a backmost and distant betwixt him and Gould, successful which the second doubled down connected his archetypal comments, revealing Green's arguable determination to prime teen Reece Walsh successful Game Two is different cardinal crushed wherefore helium won't stay successful the role.

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Gallen: "I deliberation they're (Queensland) forgetting who they're playing against. They're playing against astir apt the champion New South Wales' broadside we've seen. I deliberation everyone's been a small spot harsh [on Paul Green]. You person a look astatine the cattle he's moving with and the cattle he's playing against."

Gould: "They haven't handled it well."

Gallen: "I don't attraction who's coaching, enactment Billy Slater there, enactment Cameron Smith there. It doesn't substance who's coaching, I don't deliberation the results change."

Gould: "I don't deliberation the results would person changed, but determination person been things wrong the champ that haven't been good handled, they haven't been nonrecreational astatine all. You can't contradict that. I volition spell backmost to the enactment of young Reece Walsh for the 2nd game, it was conscionable a terribly anemic enactment from the enactment team. The mode helium performed astatine the property league aft Game Two, conscionable smacked of a bloke who is wholly retired of his extent astatine that level."

Gallen: "Billy Slater is simply a selector isn't he? Wouldn't Billy person been a portion of that decision?"

Gould: "I don't cognize what Billy does with the Queensland side."

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