Gould unveiled as Bulldogs' new football boss

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The Canterbury Bulldogs person received a large boost with the acquisition of rugby league large Phil Gould, who volition instrumentality implicit arsenic the club's caller General Manager of Football.

Gould volition present depart the New Zealand Warriors aft having spent the past twelvemonth with the nine arsenic a consultant.

The erstwhile Blues manager was heavy chased by Bulldogs earlier this season, who had sounded him retired for a high-ranking relation before Gould opted to stay with the Warriors astatine the time.

However, Gould revealed owed to the caller relocations of clubs to Queensland and the uncertainty of the New Zealand question bubble with a fig of states successful Australia, it made consciousness to absorption connected a relation person to home.

"Because of COVID, the things I had been wanting to bash with the Warriors was impossible," Gould told Nine.

Phil Gould (Getty)

"We had lockdowns, bubbles, I couldn't get crossed to New Zealand.

"Finally the bubble was opening up astir Magic Round, and I went to New Zealand that week. I went implicit their doubly and we've enactment the model successful spot for a caller Warriors academy and immoderate pathway programs implicit there... So I declined the Bulldogs' [first] connection due to the fact that it felt similar we were getting immoderate traction and starting to get COVID again.

"But past COVID, lockdown, bubbles person stopped, teams being relocated and I haven't seen the Warriors coaches oregon players successful 8 oregon 9 weeks. It was conscionable getting excessively hard.

"I spoke to [Warriors owner] Mark Robinson erstwhile this 2nd connection came through... we agreed this could beryllium going connected for a agelong time, and that I should beryllium moving person to home.

"One of the things astir this 2nd attack from the Bulldogs was they said to maine they had nary occupation with maine having an relation with the Warriors... and I inactive privation to beryllium portion of that and I'm committed to the Warriors that if they ever request anything, I'm determination for them.

Gould was antecedently the General Manager of the Penrith Panthers earlier leaving the nine successful 2019 (Getty)

"But it conscionable made sense. It made consciousness for the Warriors and maine too.

"The accidental to travel backmost to my aged club, the Bulldogs, who I had an relation with backmost successful the 80s and to instrumentality connected a precise challenging role. It's a large opportunity."

Gould's acquisition follows the signing of caller manager Trent Barrett, who is successful his archetypal play with the club.

While the Bulldogs person faced a pugnacious play presently sitting astatine the bottommost of the table, Gould said the absorption for Canterbury close present is to marque the astir of what the nine has with its roster.

"At the moment, our precedence is to marque the champion of what we've got astatine the moment," helium added.

"To marque definite the young fellas that are connected our roster, get each accidental to beryllium the champion they tin beryllium successful their career."

Gus Gould NSW grooming 2004 (Getty)

Gould's storied past successful rugby league arsenic a player, coach, commentator, writer and head is good documented.

He was conscionable 30 erstwhile helium guided the Bulldogs to a rubric arsenic manager successful 1988 earlier adding different premiership ringing to his manus successful 1991 with Penrith. He's besides the astir palmy NSW Blues manager successful past with six Origin bid wins.

Prior to his stint with the Warriors, Gould famously spent 8 years with the Panthers arsenic their General Manager of Football, successful which helium had a immense manus successful processing the existent Penrith roster owed to his engagement successful pathways.

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