Umpires slammed over 'dangerous tackle' calls

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AFL umpires person travel nether occurrence for their 'dangerous tackle' mentation successful Richmond's blockbuster clash against Brisbane aft 3 dubious calls successful the archetypal half.

The rule, which was brought successful to support players' heads from hitting the turf successful the emblematic 'sling' tackles, caused contention successful the 2nd 4th with the 3 incidents occurring wrong minutes of each other.

Brisbane guardant Joe Daniher was awarded a escaped footwear for a unsafe tackle successful his ain guardant 50, contempt incorrectly disposing of the shot erstwhile helium was tackled by Richmond ruckman Toby Nankervis.

Despite the tackle appearing to beryllium legal, the umpires deemed that Daniher had been driven into the crushed by Nankervis successful an unsafe manner, frankincense giving the Lions prima a changeable connected extremity which helium missed.

The umpires' mentation of the 'dangerous tackle' regularisation caused contention successful the Tigers-Lions clash (Getty)

The umpires' mentation of the regularisation was slammed, with Richmond large Matthew Richardson tweeting that the regularisation had "lost the plot".

However, it would lone get worse for the umpires successful the 2nd quarter, erstwhile 2 umpires confused themselves implicit different unsafe tackle call.

The incidental occurred with conscionable nether 5 minutes near successful the quarter, erstwhile Jason Castagna was tackled connected the helping by Lincoln McCarthy.

The umpire closest to the enactment instantly called holding the ball, awarding Brisbane the escaped kick, earlier the different umpire stationed connected the bound came successful and awarded a escaped footwear to Richmond for a unsafe tackle.

Joe Daniher was a large beneficiary of the 'dangerous tackle' telephone by receiving a escaped footwear successful goalscoring presumption (Getty)

"So holding the shot was paid first, does unsafe tackle overrule that adjacent though it happened afterwards?" pb commentator James Brayshaw asked connected the Seven Network's coverage. "The timeline is interesting."

Fans were besides near fuming astatine the call, with erstwhile AFL manager Grant Thomas joining the chorus.

"Dangerous tackle is the memo to umpires this week," Thomas tweeted.

"How anserine is this crippled of ours erstwhile cipher knows the rules & they alteration mentation weekly? How tin it beryllium taken earnestly arsenic an elite sport?"

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